8 Forgotten Ways To Make Your Tent Cozier In 2020

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Don’t you hate it when you leave your well-appointed house to go camping, and you end up sleeping in a cheerless tent instead?

The reason this usually happens is that people don’t take the time to make their tents cozy.

However, all you have to do to fix this is to add some lighting. Put some water in a jug and wrap a headlamp around the jug. You can also opt for solar-powered lights, especially if you are out camping with kids who are afraid of the dark. The tent won’t seem too dark now.

Use a headlamp to provide a soft glow in your tent

That’s one way to start getting better results when you want to make a tent homier.

Here are 7 other tips to help you create a cozy tent.

  1. Warm Up Your Cold Feet – Do your feet always become cold no matter how many socks or warm clothes you have worn? Well, pour some hot water into your bottle and throw it down the sleeping bag. It’s bound to keep your feet warm throughout the night.

  2. Keep The Sun Out – Do you hate it when the sun reflects inside your tent making it too warm especially when you wake up? Add a reflective blanket on top of the tent to deflect the sunlight away from the tent. Now you can sleep in comfortably through the night and in the early morning without excessive warmth. Or if you think you will get too cold in the night, point the reflecting blanket back at the tent to keep warm air from escaping into the sky.

  3. Get The Dirt Out – If you have been hiking and trekking through the woods, your shoes are bound to be dirty. If you drag them around the tent, it will become unsightly and quite uncomfortable for you. Well, you can keep a shoe basket right near the entrance to collect the dirty shoes, even those of your family if you have brought them camping with you. That way, the floor remains clean.

  4. Tent Flaps – There are a few times when you need the tent open. It might feel uncomfortable if you have to hold it up just because you are not ready to zip up the tent. Well, some binder clips will come in handy. You can hold the flaps open and let in some fresh air.

Cozy tent binder clips

  1. Where To Sleep – You don’t have to sleep on the ground in your tent. You can bring along an air mattress. The mattress will be much more comfortable to sleep on than the rocky ground. And it’s easier to bond with friends and family on a shared bed like you’re at a sleep-over than wrapped up in a sleeping bag.

  2. Bedding – You are allowed to bring your duvet when you are going camping. If you don’t have a duvet, you can also bring your blankets or bed sheets. Your tent will look as similar as possible as your own home so your family will not feel out of place.

  3. A Few Decorations – Regardless of how long you are planning to stay camping, you can always bring some cheer in your tent by putting up a few decorations. Remember, you are trying to get comfortable, so you are allowed to do anything possible to achieve that (though don’t add anything scented - this can attract wildlife to your tent). A cheap and simple way to add color to your tent is to hang streamers at the entrance.

An infographic on how to make your tent cozy

How To Make Your Tent More Comfortable

Here are 5 ways to make your tent more comfortable.

1. Ground Cover

The last thing any camper wants is to sleep with nothing but the tent floor between them and the ground. There are a range of different products available for purchase to add some padding for a better night’s rest. Foam or aircell pads are ideal if you aren’t trekking through the wilderness. Inflatable or air pads will also do the job and are less weighty and space consuming for hikers. Alternatively, those foam floor tiles used in children’s rooms will also provide a softer sleeping surface.

2. Eye Mask And Ear Plugs

The unfamiliar sounds of nature can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night no matter how comfortable the tent. Wear some earplugs or fall asleep to music or an audio book playing through a pair of ear buds. An eye mask is also a good way to keep out the early morning sun or any other light that is keeping sleep at bay. Tents are made of thin material that have ventilation and other openings to allow natural light in that can be truly annoying.

3. Organization

Keeping a tent organized is key to comfort. Tents can become very messy extremely quickly. There are a variety of different hanging closet organizers that are ideal for use in a tent where all clothing and other items can be stored neatly and safely out of the way. Alternatively, string a rope from one side of the tent to the other and use multiple carabiners (those clippy things used by climbers) to hang anything that has a handle. S-hooks that can be purchased from a local hardware store or supermarket are also a great way to keep items off the floor and out of the way.

4. The Right Site

Choosing the right site to pitch a tent can make a huge difference in comfort. Choose a patch of ground that is preferably flat and not on a slope. Avoid stony, sandy or moist ground. Also make sure to pitch your tent away from natural water sources such as rivers, ponds or lakes that can flood during a storm. Higher ground is always preferable for the ideal campsite.

5. Toilet Time

No-one wants to stumble through the dark in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Locating shoes, tripping over tent lines and stubbing knees and toes is no fun. Go to the bathroom twice before bedding down. If the need to go does arise, keep a pair of sandals within easy reach just outside the door of the tent. Remember to also keep a lantern or flashlight close-by or line the path to the toilet with rechargeable solar lights.

How To Make Your Tent Darker

1. Masks

Wearing a mask to sleep will block out the early morning sunlight and can even be used for a nap later in the day. This is the simplest solution for keeping the light out and getting more sleep on a camping trip. However, an eye mask isn’t going to do much to prevent the tent and its inhabitants from getting hotter by the minute.

2. Blackout Materials

There are a wide range of blackout products that are specifically designed to be placed over tents and make them darker. These products are normally black and will therefore absorb the sunlight keeping the tent darker. These blackouts are ideal for brightly colored or lighter shaded tents. However, the absorption of light by the black material will make it hotter increasing the temperature inside the tent. So although this is the ideal way to achieve greater darkness throughout the day, it is not going to make your tent more comfortable.

There are some blackout products that are designed to be hung or pitched inside the tent - much like a mosquito net. This will allow the brightly colored tent to do its job and reflect the rays of the sun preventing overheating while the inside remains a darkened sanctuary.

3. Reflective Blankets

Those silvery, emergency blankets are a great way to eliminate extra light. The shiny surface effectively reflects the rays of the sun keeping the tent darker and cooler. It is recommended to peg the blanket to the side of the tent that will receive the greatest amount of morning sun. These emergency blankets are rather small and flimsy so aren’t ideal to cover the entire outside of the tent. Also, they are likely to blow away in the slightest breeze if not secured properly.

4. A Tarp

Throwing a tarp over the tent is the ideal way to keep out sunlight as well as protect the tent from the other elements of Mother Nature. It is best to select a white or cream tarp to reflect the UV rays for reduced light and temperature. However, this can result in condensation inside the tent as the ventilation is blocked by the heavy tarpaulin. It is therefore of greater benefit to build a separate structure that will support the tarp over the tent rather than placing it directly on the tent. A structure that is larger than the tent will also provide a shady area, protected from rain, to enjoy outside the tent.

5. Rugs or Children Foam Puzzle Flooring

You can make your tent floor warmer, softer, and more colorful by bringing rugs or children’s foam puzzle flooring pieces.

These are cheap and effective ways to improve the coziness of a tent.

6. Reflectix

Reflectix is an insulation material in the construction industry.

But it has found additional uses in the camping and backpacking community.

According to DoItYourselfRV, Reflectix is: “Reflectix is polyethylene bubble wrap encased in reflective aluminum foil. The bubble wrap provides air space insulation and strength to support the reflective foil surface.”

There are several uses for Reflectix to make your tent camping more comfortable:

You can use it to provide tent insulation by fitting it under your rainfly.

Or you can use it to provide an additional layer of thermal barrier under your sleeping pad.

You can fashion it into pouches that can be used to keep dehydrated meals warm. The pouches can also serve multiple purposes, such as sitting or kneeling pads. Or even an emergency hat in the winter.

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