Best Portable Small Air Conditioner For Car Camping

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One summer I spent a week working on my best friend’s grandparent’s ranch.

What I remember the most is how hot it was at night trying to go to sleep. We were in Kansas, so not even back home in Texas.

But the upstairs bedroom didn’t have any air conditioning. It was very hot and stuffy. It was the first time I ever slept without any covers on top of me. Not even a sheet.

Almost everyone sleeps better when we feel cool. And one challenge we have in getting non-campers to go camping with us is that it gets hot in a tent during the summer.

This is why I was very excited to find the <a href=”>ZeroBreeze portable air conditioner.</a>

I haven’t yet bought it but it’s on my wishlist. And I believe is perfect for anyone planning a car or van camping trip during the summer.

Here is why I believe you should check out the ZeroBreeze portable air conditioner.

Keeps You Cool

This is a true air conditioner. It contains a compressor that cools the air just like your home air conditioner.

This is an important distinction.

Because if an air conditioner doesn’t contain a compressor, it’s not a true air conditioner.

Instead, it’s more likely a “swamp cooler”. This is where you put a vat of water in front of a fan. The fan blows oer the bucket of water. As the water evaporates, it will cool the air that the fan is blowing to you.

These types of coolers work as long as they have water and it’s not humid. But they don’t work as well as a compressor-based AC.

The Zero Breeze is a compressor-based system just like your home or car AC unit.

And according to the vendor’s website, it says it will cool a 50 square foot room down to 44 degrees.


You only want to buy this if you can take it with you on your camping trips.

It will easily fit into most tents.

The unit itself is not even a foot tall. And less than 2 feet in length. And weighs less than 15 pounds. Any adult and most children can carry this from your vehicle into the tent.

Battery Power

The core unit can be powered by your car or truck’s 12v power supply.

However, I wouldn’t be talking about this product if it required you to run your truck all night or risk running your car battery to zero.

They sell a battery pack. Make sure when buying off ZeroBreeze website, that you get the version with the battery pack. Otherwise, you will have to buy it separately.

Per the vendor, even if you buy both the battery and the core unit at the same time -the battery and unit may ship separately because of customs. Thus you might get one compontent before the other.

Other Features

It comes with many other handy features. This reduces the number of extra gadgets you need to bring with you or set up in the tent.

These include:

  • LED light
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • 2 USB charging ports for smartphones

Useful Between Camping Trips

Because it’s so portable and battery powered, this unit can be used in between camping trips.

For example, if you need to clean out the garage or garden shed during the summer, use this unit to keep those areas cool while you work.

Take it with you to watch Fourth of July fireworks or a night out at a vintage drive-in movie theater.

I once worked in a small technology business. Next to my office was a storage room where we kept our servers. That room vented the server’s heat into my office. Thus my work environment was always 10 degrees warmer than normal. I could have used the Zero Breeze to keep me cool!

It can also be used at home if you lose power during a summer thunderstorm.

Finally, a portable air conditioner will further improve the convenience of a cabin tent as we wrote about here.

Learn More About Zero Breeze Here

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