How To Keep Your Tent Cool In The Summer

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There are many people who like camping, but some of them don’t go because they don’t want to be in a tent that has high temperatures. A hot tent is something that people camping have to deal with during the summer months. It is not a pleasant experience, but the good thing is there is something you can do about it. With the tips below, you will be able to lower the temperature inside your tent, and your camping experience will be great. Below are some tips that will go a long way.

Start by checking the tent you are going to use

The first thing you will need to do before going for the camping trip is checking the type of tent you are going to use. The type of tent you choose will determine whether you are going to be comfortable or uncomfortable. If you are buying a tent, you should choose a tent that is going to provide you comfort, and not make you feel like you are inside a furnace. A 2-season camping tent is a great option for hot weathers. The materials used in making the tent is also important. People tend to make the mistake of choosing a nylon tent because they think it is going to keep them cooler, but this is not the case. You should choose a heavier cotton tent because it is cooler.

Ventilation on the tent

You should choose a tent that has mesh windows because it allows fresh air to get inside your tent. Windows play an important role in keeping your tent cool. The bigger your windows, the better the circulation.

Know when to set up the tent

Choosing the right time to set up the tent can help in minimizing heat. If possible, consider pitching the tent when the sun is setting. Break the tent early morning because you don’t want it to heat up during the summer heat.

Seeking out the shade

If you are going to set it up when the sun is up, then you should choose a shade. This will keep the tent cool during the day and the night. You also need to consider the wind direction when pitching your tent. You need to pitch it up in the direction of the window so it can blow through the mesh windows or ventilation.

Portable air conditioner

You should invest in a portable air conditioner because it is one of the most effective equipment you will need to keep your tent cool. There are different options out there, and this includes those using batteries or solar systems. Transporting and setting up portable air conditioners is easy. They are also compact.

You need to choose the right portable AC that is sufficient for your tent. The AC will work harder because there is no insulation on the tent, making it important to choose the right portable air conditioner. We have written an article about the best portable air conditioner.

Heat should not deny you the chance of enjoying the outdoors, use the above tips and you should be able to enjoy your camping trip.