“What is a TP Tree” and other FAQs

Who are you?

We're Camping Forge and we love to talk about camping.

The people behind this are:

Mark Wilcox - He's the president. Loves to create quote photos and memes.

Mark Wilcox

Teena Kulakowski - Lead writer.

Teena Kulakowski

What is this place?

The simplest way to think of us a digital magazine about camping.

As with all modern magazines - we're a blog and a Facebook page.

Why should I care?

Teena has been camping (in particular horse camping) for years. And has a wealth of knowledge about RVs.

Mark can be found hiking or camping every weekend. He's an Eagle Scout and completed the Level 2 course at the Texas Survival School.

But it's great if you just follow us for the pretty photos.

Is it true Teena owns horses?


What is a TP Tree?

Mark's friend Hansen sent him a photo from a fishing trip and Mark turned it into a meme:

TP Tree Meme

I’m in. What should I do next?

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