A Comprehensive Guide On How To Choose A Camping Shower

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You will get dirty and stinky while camping. However, you may still want to shower. In particular, if you have camped for a few days. So I did some research on how to shower while camping.

The best way to shower is to use any public facilities at the campsite. The next best option is to use a portable camping shower. Portable camping showers can heat their water using solar or propane. And the final option is to rent a hotel room on the way back home.

Section Key Points
Why Buy A Camping Shower? - Enjoy hot showers while camping
- Clean gear, animals, cars
- Consider size, weight, price
Type of Camping Showers - Solar, propane, battery, vehicle
Tips - Use biodegradable soap
- Conserve water
- Store soap properly
Shower Tents - Provide privacy
- Consider size, ventilation, shelves
Best Camping Shower ZEUIO Solar Shower
Best Camping Soap Campsuds

But should you buy a camping shower?

 ZEUIO Solar Shower Bag, Portable Camping Shower 5 gallons/20L Solar Heating Bag for Outdoor Traveling Hiking Summer Shower with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower HeadBuy Now On Amazon


Why Buy A Camping Shower?

Before we look at some of the main factors to consider when it comes to choosing a portable camping shower, it might be worthwhile for you to familiarize yourself with some of the main benefits of having one.

First and foremost, having your own portable shower ensures that you don’t have wait until you get back home to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing shower, just the way you like it. Furthermore, you do not have to limit yourself, or your family, to campsites equipped with modern facilities. You can enjoy a warm or cold shower even in the remotest of camping grounds.

Last but not least, camping showers can also be used to clean animals, dishes and even cars if necessary.

Since camping showers come in a variety of price points and designs, you will not have any problem finding the right shower for your specific needs.

Consider the following factors when looking for the right camping shower.

Start By Defining Your Needs

Before you even start looking at the available selection, it is important for you to take some time to define your specific needs when it comes to showering in the bush! For starters, you need to find out whether taking showers in the bush is allowed in your preferred camping ground. What type of camping locations do you visit regularly or like? Bush or established camping grounds; this may affect the availability of water as well.

Your camping style, whether caravanning, backpacking or tents, and how often you go camping also plays a big role in determining your final decision.

Once you have carefully defined your needs and requirements, you will be ready to kick start your search for a worthy camping shower.


Camping showers come in a wide variety of designs. Choosing the right design/construction will help ensure that you get the best user experience. For instance, if you choose one with a large shower head, you can expect to get a higher rate of water flow; while a smaller one produces the opposite effect.

A thick water hose on the other hand ensures that you enjoy tangle free use of your new piece of equipment, in addition to making it more wear resistant.


The size and weight of your new camping shower not only influences the amount of water it can hold, if a reservoir is included in the design, but also determines how portable it is. If you usually go camping in a caravan or car, then a bulkier shower that comes with a high capacity reservoir may be a great option especially if you need to carry your own water.

However, if you prefer backpacking, then a compact option that delivers reliable performance without taking up too much space in your pack is a better fit.

Type Of Camping Showers

Camping showers are divided into different types depending on the heating and method of operation employed.


The first and most basic type is the solar variety. These camp showers rely on the sun’s rays to heat up water stored in a reservoir. During cloudy days, do not expect these showers to heat up your water.


Propane camp showers use coils and burners to heat up the water, before it is sent through a hose and out of the shower head, whenever necessary. If you intend to go camping in cloudy conditions, or want to have hot water on demand, be sure to consider this type.

On the flip side, these showers tend to be bulky, as the design also includes a small propane tank. The need for propane also adds to the total cost of using these showers.

Battery Powered

If you simply want a shower that draws water, hot or cold, from a container pushing it up the hose at a reasonably high pressure, without the use of a manual pump, bicycle, foot or otherwise, consider battery powered camping showers.

This compact set up includes batteries, a battery powered water pump, hose and shower head. The main downside however, is that you need to have replacement batteries with you all the time, in case the current ones run out of juice.

Vehicle Fitted

To produce pressurized hot water through the shower head, vehicle fitted camping showers are designed with a heat exchange and water pump. To heat up the water, the heat exchange is attached to the vehicle, under the hood. The water pump, which is powered by the vehicle’s battery, draws water from a separate source.

Since these showers do not require any separate power sources, they are quite convenient. However, they tend to be quite costly; and installation may require specialized skills.

Cost Of Camping Showers

Camping showers are offered at different price points. Generally, solar powered camp showers are among the most affordable options; while their propane and vehicle fitted counterparts are on the higher side of the spectrum.

It goes without saying that, while regular campers are better suited to spending more on a high quality camping shower that is bound to offer years of reliable use; one time users, or those who only camp every now and then are better suited to buying a simpler and more affordable alternative.

Camping showers are a great alternative to using campsite showers, lakes, rivers or in extreme cases missing showers. With the above guide to buying portable camp showers in mind and in practice, choosing the right option, as per your needs, from the wide variety on offer will be much easier.

Do Not Soap Up In The Lake Or River

When camping, you should only take biodegradable soap with natural ingredients. Biodegradable soap is designed to break down in the soil without causing harm. However, it is not intended to be used in the water. There are still chemicals in the soap that could damage the water ecosystem. Thus instead set up your camp shower, at least 200 feet away from any water sources.

Do Not Bathe When Water Is Limited

If you are camping in an area where there is limited water, do not use it to take showers. Instead, conserve the water for drinking and cooking. In particular, want to make sure that you leave enough water for fellow campers. Instead, you can take a sponge bath. Baby wipes will do a good enough job until you get back home.

Keep The Soap In Bear Cannisters

Wildlife, including bears, have great senses of smell. And they may get curious about your soap and other hygiene products such as deodorant. They may have even learned to associate this scent with food because of careless campers. This is why you should never store your toiletries including soap and toothpaste in your tent. And instead, store it in a bear bag or bear canister. Or at the very least, your locked car.

Shower At A Hotel On The Way Home

I enjoy watching Homemade Wanderlust which is a backpacking vlog by Dixie. She has through-hiked the Triple Crown of the Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. One of the reasons she suggests stopping in town every few days is not just to re-supply but also to get cleaned up You feel better after a hot shower. Thus if you have long drive back home, you can stop at a budget hotel on the way back just to shower and clean up.

Why Do You Need A Shower Tent?

If you do not want to shower in the open, where other people can see you, when camping, or use public facilities, when camping, it is important to get yourself a shower tent. These simple enclosures give you the privacy you need to shower, and even change, when camping.

Equipped with inbuilt pockets for holding toiletries, towel bars or hanging lines, shower tents make it possible for you to keep all the personal items you need to take a shower within reach; not outside or on the floor/ground.

Given the lightweight and portable nature of these outdoor shelters, shower tents can also be used in a variety of other situations, including as outdoor changing rooms, outdoor restrooms and shelters from the elements – such as rain.

How To Choose The Right Shower Tent

Before settling on a given camping shower, you need to make sure that it is right for you. To ensure that you end up making the right choice, keep the following factors in mind when shopping.

Size: Camping shower tents come in a variety of sizes. To ensure that you do not have to crouch whenever you are using your new shower tent, be sure to choose one with the appropriate height. You can also find shower tents that are large enough to be used by two individuals at the same time; either in one compartment or in separate compartments.

Set Up: The best shower tent should be easy to set up/install and uninstall. As such, you should find out how easy it is to install and uninstall a tent before choosing it. Pop up shower tents set up and fold down easily.

Material: Considering the fact that you camping shower tents are intended for outdoor use, where they are exposed to the elements, the material used has huge implications on their functionality, durability and even the level of privacy offered. The best option should be made using high quality, durable materials that can stand up to regular outdoor use. Water repellent materials also help keep water from getting into the tent. Furthermore, the material used should be opaque enough to provide the necessary level of privacy. The frame material on the other hand should be strong enough to support the weight of a water bag.

It is also important to note that even with the best materials, sturdy construction is essential; otherwise the tent will fall apart in no time.

Portability: Camping tents must be portable, period. This means that you need to focus on finding a lightweight option which folds into a compact package that is easy to carry around.

Hangers, Hooks And Shelves: To ensure that you keep all personal items and toiletries within reach when you need them, be sure to choose a product that comes with a hanging line or hook for towels or clothing items as well as shelves or storage pockets.

Is Showering While Camping Eco-Friendly Or Not?

Just like most human activities, showering while camping can be placed on an eco-friendly scale. This is means that what you use and how you go about showering will determine whether you and your camping colleagues are not showering in an eco-friendly manner.

The typical personal hygiene products we normally use at home can be harsh, and in some cases, toxic to the environment. Obviously, using these products while camping will make your camping experience a polluting expedition, which is the last thing you want to do.

As such, the first thing to do to ensure you are camping in an eco-friendly manner is to choose eco-friendly personal hygiene products. There are plenty of eco-friendly shampoos, soaps, and other personal hygiene products. You might need to experiment a tad. The products are formulated differently and you might need to use a variety of products to find the best product that suits your needs while not affecting the environment.

That said, if there is a chance that you do not use such products, for instance, taking a deep in the lake, you will go further to minimize your impact on the environment.

The other element of making your camping expedition environmentally friendly is to be cognizant of your environment. Whenever you take a DIY shower while camping, ensure you are far away from water bodies as possible. At the very least, take your shower at least 2000 feet away from water bodies.

There is also the issue of using water responsibly. In case you are camping in an area without a source of freshwater, and you have to bring along your water supply or use piped water at a camping site, ensure you use the water responsibly while showering. Given that gray water emanating from showers might be diverted to the environment around the camping site, you want to reduce the amount of wastewater you create.

So, is showering while camping eco-friendly or not? In a nutshell, it depends on you.

What's the Best Heating Source for a Camping Shower?

There are a lot of things to love about long-term camping. The potential body odor when there are no showers around is not one of them. The camping shower can be a great way to enjoy a couple minutes of the glory of a hot water shower while enjoying the great outdoors. But what’s the best way to make sure the water is hot and relaxing and not an ice cold wake up call? Read on to learn more!

What Type of Camping Shower Are You Using?

The best step is to look at your options ahead of time. There are many camping showers out there with heating options built in. There are many types of solar showers, portable “water heater” based camp showers, and more. Take a look at where you will be going and which option might work best. This can save a lot of headaches early on.

For example, a solar shower might seem great but if your campsite is in shade 100% of the time because of very tall sequoia trees then it might not be the best option. In the desert? Cool. Go for it.

Pre-Built Camp Showers

There are many camp showers that come with their own mini water heaters or water containers that can then be set to warm. This is sometimes done by battery power, sometimes from plugging into an RV, and sometimes via solar power. Finding one that fits your camping schedule and itinerary can help you rest easy knowing the heating source is already taken care of.

For backpackers or long distance hikers generally solar camp showers are the best because they are lightweight, easy to setup, and can absorb sunlight quickly to warm the water. These can also struggle in cloudy weather or heavy shade, so keep that in mind.

Heating a Water Container

This is generally the worst idea by not a small margin. Heating up a metal water holder like a pail or trash can with fire before gerry-rigging a camping shower is just a terrible idea. The metal is going to burn on contact, you can’t control the temperature of the water, it’s just asking for horrible injuries all the way around. While we all appreciate The Red Green Show, heating water for a camping shower is not the time to “Red Green it” so to speak.

Follow the advice in this article and you will enjoy a heated camping shower without worrying about the danger of anything going wrong.

How to Shower While Camping

The campsite may provide showers. But there are many portable shower options. These can be solar-powered, propane-powered, battery-powered, or even attached to a vehicle. Most use a water reservoir.

How to Make a Camping Shower

You need a camping shower kit. You may also wish to bring extra tarps or a tall shower tent for additional privacy.

How to Shower When Car Camping

Bring a camping shower kit with you. The most common is a solar-powered shower kit. Easy to carry and uses the sun to warm up the water.

The Best Shower Tents For Camping

EasyGo Product EGP Shower Tent

EasyGo Product EGP-TENT-016 Shower Shelter – Giant Portable Outdoor Pop UP Camping Shower Tent Enclosure – Changing Room – 2 Rooms – Instant Tent – 7.5' Tall x 4' Deep x 7.5' Wide, GreenEasyGo Product EGP-TENT-016 Shower Shelter – Giant Portable Outdoor Pop UP Camping Shower Tent Enclosure – Changing Room – 2 Rooms – Instant Tent – 7.5' Tall x 4' Deep x 7.5' Wide, GreenBuy Now From Amazon


Designed for easy and quick set up, this shower tent can be up and ready for use in just a matter of minutes. This spacious tent, designed with two separate rooms/compartments, can also be used by two people at the same time.

Main Features:

  • Pop Up Design: This EasyGo Product camping shower tent is designed for simple and straightforward set up, and removal, in less than a minute.
  • Two Separate Rooms: The tent is designed with two separate rooms; one for showering and the other for changing and toiletries.
  • Privacy: This product comes with full-zip up windows to give users the privacy they need when showering and/or changing. The two rooms are also separated by a wall.
  • Pockets For Toiletries: To ensure that users get to enjoy the convenience of having all your toiletries right where you need them, this product comes with mesh pockets for toiletries, such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste among others, as well as a towel bar.


  • Easy Set Up: The tent’s pop up design eliminates the need for struggling with poles when setting it up.
  • Space for Two: Thanks to its two separate rooms, the tent can accommodate two users at the same time.
  • Storage Space: The towel bar and numerous mesh pockets make it possible for users to keep all their toiletries close by.
  • Great Ventilation: Comes with zip up windows for each compartment for enhanced air circulation.


  • The tent’s plastic poles are not sturdy enough, and may snap when folding it down.

2. FITORON Pop-up Outdoor/Camping Shower Tent

Pop-up Changing Room Privacy Tent - Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Rain Shelter for Camping & Beach - Lightweight & Sturdy, Easy Set Up, Foldable - with Carry BagPop-up Changing Room Privacy Tent - Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Rain Shelter for Camping & Beach - Lightweight & Sturdy, Easy Set Up, Foldable - with Carry BagBuy Now From Amazon


Featuring a simple design, this outdoor shower tent is designed to give you the privacy you need to shower outdoors. The sturdy and durable construction features high strength steel wire, to ensure that you get years of service out of this affordable product.

Main Features:

  • Sturdy Construction: The FITORON pop-up camping shower tent is made using high strength steel wire to ensure that it survives the unforgiving demands of regular outdoor use.
  • Toiletries Storage Pocket: To ensure that you have all your toiletries nearby when you need them, the tent comes with an interior storage pocket.
  • Relatively Large Door Opening: Easy entry and exit from the tent is facilitated by a large zipper door.


  • Long Lasting: This tent is made from high quality durable materials, including high strength steel wire.
  • Easy Setup: Pop up design ensures that set up is complete in no time.
  • Multipurpose Use: In addition to being used as a shower tent, this product can also be used to build a restroom, changing room or a variety of other outdoor shelters.


  • This camping shower tent does not come with separate pockets for storing toiletries; something that most users would appreciate.

ABCOSPORT Pop Up Privacy Tent

Pop Up Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Changing Room, Rain Shelter with Window – for Camping and Beach – Easy Set Up, Foldable with Carry Bag – Lightweight and SturdyPop Up Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Changing Room, Rain Shelter with Window – for Camping and Beach – Easy Set Up, Foldable with Carry Bag – Lightweight and SturdyBuy Now From Amazon


This high quality product is designed to be highly portable and easy to set up. Made from flexible steel and silver coated polyester, the tent is guaranteed to stand up well to regular use in the roughest outdoor conditions. In fact, the manufacturer even offers a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee just to demonstrate how confident they are in their product.

Main Features:

  • Pop-up Design: For easy set up, and packing away, this camping shower tent comes features a foldable design.
  • Superior Construction: Made from flexible steel and silver coated polyester, this tent features sturdy construction and is highly durable.

Large Door And Side Window: For easy and safe entry and exit, this tent comes with a large zipper-door opening. A strategically mounted side window facilitates better visibility and enhanced airflow.


  • Multipurpose Use: The tent can be used as a camping shower enclosure, or changing room or even a shelter for rain.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Foldable into a compact package, the tent can be carried around easily in its carry bag.
  • Well-Ventilated: Thanks to its large door opening and strategically positioned side window, air can circulate freely in the tent.
  • Durable: The tent is made from high quality materials to ensure durable use.
  • Extra Storage: You can store all your personal items in the extra built in bag inside the tent.


  • The zippers on the tent tend to get stuck a bit too often.

4. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Camping Shower Tent

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Rain Shelter for Camping & Beach – Lightweight & Sturdy, Easy Set Up, Foldable - with Carry BagGigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Rain Shelter for Camping & Beach – Lightweight & Sturdy, Easy Set Up, Foldable - with Carry BagBuy Now From Amazon


Designed for easy and swift set up, the GigaTent Pop Up Pod is a lightweight shower tent that can also be used as an outdoor shelter in a variety of applications. Built to stand up to regular exposure to water and outdoor elements as well as regular folding and unfolding, this tent is made from high quality materials.

Main Features:

  • Pop-up Design: This tent can be set up, and folded down, in a matter of seconds thanks to its pop up design.
  • Lightweight: The tent features lightweight construction and only weighs a mere 3 pounds.
  • High Quality Materials: To ensure that it stands up well to repeated use in the most demanding outdoor conditions, the tent is made using high quality water-resistant polyester material and a flexible steel frame.
  • Sew On Sand Bags: To anchor the tent in place, sew on sand bags are used in place of stakes.


  • Easy Set Up: Setting up, and packing away, this camping shower tent is effortless thanks to its pop-up design.
  • Highly Portable: Weighing just 3 pounds, this tent is easy to carry around in its carry bag.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: This product comes with a 100 percent risk free satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • The tent has a flimsy zipper.

5. WolfWise Pop-up Camping Shower Tent

WolfWise Pop-up Shower TentWolfWise Pop-up Shower TentBuy Now From Amazon


Designed for multipurpose use, the WolfWise pop-up outdoor shower tent comes with great ventilation, loads of space and water repellent construction. To deliver unrivalled performance in the most demanding outdoor conditions, the tent is made using high quality materials.

Main Features:

  • High Quality Materials: The tent is made from high quality water repellent polyester attached to a high strength galvanized steel frame.
  • Sturdy Water-repellent Construction: All of the polyester seams on the tent are taped to ensure that it can keep water out.
  • Hanging Line and Storage Pocket: You can store your phone or any other personal effects in the tent’s storage pocket. A hanging line is also included inside the tent.


  • Spacious: The tent can accommodate taller users thanks to its spacious interior, measuring 74.8” in height and 47.2” in both length and width.
  • Highly Portable: Designed to collapse into a compact and lightweight package, weighing just over 4 pounds, the tent can be carried effortlessly in its carry bag.
  • Well Ventilated: A large door opening, side window and mesh top keep the tent’s interior well aerated at all times.


  • The polyester material is not opaque enough.
  • The tent’s frame is also not strong enough to support a water bag.

Best Camping Showers

The FeChiX Portable Shower Bag

FeChiX Portable Shower Bag for Camp Shower 20L/5 Gallons Solar Shower Camping Shower Bag with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Outdoor Camping TravelingFeChiX Portable Shower Bag for Camp Shower 20L/5 Gallons Solar Shower Camping Shower Bag with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Outdoor Camping TravelingBuy Now From Amazon


Camping lovers know how hard it can be to get a hot shower out in the wild. You may reminisce about your hot shower back at home while on camping trips with your friends or family. What if you could have your hot shower while camping?

The FeChix Portable Shower Bag makes this a reality for you. This revolutionary portable shower bag is perfect for your camping needs. This solar camping shower can serve you all throughout your outdoor camping trip.


  • Large capacity shower bag

The FeChiX Portable Shower Bag can hold up to 5 gallons of water. This gives you ample water for multiple showers. You can have a bath and prepare for outdoor activities such as hiking while feeling fresh all day. This large capacity shower bag allows you to have fresh and warm baths while camping.

  • Portable outdoor temperature design

This outdoor portable shower bag has an exceptional heat absorption design. It heats water to 113°F using solar power. What’s more, the heating process only takes three hours. Its temperature indicator ensures you monitor the water temperature. This prevents any hot water injuries. You can shower in safe water temperatures thanks to its temperature indicator.

  • Durable and environmentally friendly

The materials used to manufacture the FeChiX Portable Shower Bag are nontoxic. FeChiX uses durable PVC materials that are environmentally friendly to manufacture this shower bag. Its wear-resistant material is lightweight. You can easily fold it and store it away.

  • Cutting-edge shower head

This shower bag comes with various components. They include a showerhead, a water tap, and a hose. You can switch the showerhead on or off using its switch. This switch also facilitates high and low water flow. Enjoy the best outdoor shower experience with this advanced showerhead.

  • Multipurpose shower bag

The FeChiX Portable Shower Bag contains a rope system and a PVC balance tube. They can be hung on tree branches or camping tents. You can use these items to enhance your outdoor camping activities.

You can also wash dishes, your hands, and legs after you are done with your outdoor activities. The large storage can provide enough water for you to put out any campfires. You can also give your dog a shower if you are out with him in the wild.


  • Advanced design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Uses solar energy to heat water
  • Foldable in a mesh bag to fit perfectly
  • Long pipes for better convenience
  • Allows for a variety of different supports

Cons 8 Only black color available

The FeChiX Portable Shower Bag is designed to provide convenience for outdoor camping trips. It retails at $12.69. This portable shower is available in black. It weighs 0.66 lbs, making it an easy product to carry around.

ELECTRFIRE Solar Camping Outdoor Shower Bag With 5-Gallon Capacity

ELECTRFIRE Solar Shower Bag Camping Shower 5 Gallon with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling Hiking (Green)ELECTRFIRE Solar Shower Bag Camping Shower 5 Gallon with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling Hiking (Green)Buy Now From Amazon


If you are an avid camper, hiker, or you simply love spending some time immersing yourself in nature, you must be familiar with water bottle baths. Water bottles showers are an attempt at staying clean in the absence of a typical shower room. It is a DIY way of maintaining high hygiene standards. Nonetheless, it is tedious means of staying clean. If you are beach camping next to the ocean, you might have an even stronger urge to shower because of the saltwater.

The ELECTRFIRE Solar Camping Outdoor Shower Bag With 5-Gallon Capacity is an upgrade to the bottle baths. The portable solar shower bag allows users to have a comfortable shower while camping or hiking. Designed to carry enough water and all your showering products such as soaps and shampoos, it ensures you stay hygienic whilst you enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer.


  • Heat Absorbing Fabric – As a true solar outdoor shower bag, it has a heat-absorbing design, which allows you to heat your shower water to a comfortable level. When placed in direct sunlight, the portable solar shower can heat the water up to 45°C/113°F in about 3 hours. As such, you do not have to take a shower in freezing water at the risk of catching a cold.
  • Built-In Thermometer – The solar bag comes with a built-in thermometer, which allows you to monitor the temperature of your showering water. You can heat your shower water to just the right temperature to take a shower.
  • 5-Gallon Capacity – The bag can carry up to 5 gallons of showering water. 5 gallons is enough capacity to have a relaxing and cleaning shower in the outdoors.
  • Lightweight Bag – Despite having the capability to hold up to 5 gallons of water, this outdoor solar shower bag is manufactured to be lightweight and foldable in design. Given that camping and hiking calls for one to be economical with the weight of their load as they carry it around, keeping weight down is crucial. This bag is not only featherweight light but also foldable. As such, it does not occupy a lot of space in your camping bag.
  • Storage Feature – The solar shower bag has a front pocket designed to hold shampoo, soap, and other shower accessories. Carrying your hygiene products is thus easy.
  • Advanced Shower Head – The ELECTRFIRE Solar Camping Outdoor Shower Bag comes with an advanced shower head designed to make opening and closing as well as regulating water flow an easy endeavor. You are assured of a familiar showing experience despite being in the wild.


  • High-quality build with thick fabric and sturdy support bars
  • Ample water capacity
  • Reasonable price


  • The shower hose is made of cheap materials and might need replacing

Portable Outdoor Shower by Ivation

Ivation Portable Camping Shower | Compact Handheld & Hands-Free Rechargeable Outdoor Shower Head & Cleaning System w/ 3.7V Pump, 6-Ft Hose, Bidet Head, Removable Filter, Multiuse Hook & USB CableIvation Portable Camping Shower | Compact Handheld & Hands-Free Rechargeable Outdoor Shower Head & Cleaning System w/ 3.7V Pump, 6-Ft Hose, Bidet Head, Removable Filter, Multiuse Hook & USB CableBuy Now From Amazon


Whether you are looking to take a proper shower in the great outdoors, or address a plethora of water portability issues closer to home, technology has the answer. This Portable Camping shower by Ivation offers all the convenience of running water wherever in the world it is needed.

What is the Portable Shower by Ivation?

Powered by a 3.7 volt marine-grade pump, this product of sheer genius will push water through a 6ft hose and provide a steady stream of water to the shower head. So long as you have a source of water, this portable shower will allow you to direct a steady stream of water effectively and precisely to the needed spot.

While obviously, this means you can literally take a shower anywhere you’d like, there are also a long stream of practical applications to such a solution to back and muscle strain. Wash cars, dogs, boats and more with a convenient flow of water even when the nearest tap is miles away. The perfect convenience for hunting, hiking, camping, boating and even back yard cleaning.

What You Get From the Ivation Portable Shower

  • Handheld shower system
  • 6’ hose
  • Mini bidet head
  • Waterfall shower head
  • suction cup
  • pump
  • User guide
  • li-ion battery & pack
  • USB charging cable
  • ‘S’ hooks

Key Features of the Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

  • Marine-Grade Pump – pumping 3.5-liters of water per minute, this powerful little pump submerges into the source of water. The result is a gentle stream perfect for outdoor washing. All you have to do is submerge the pump into the bucket of water and press the power button.
  • Portable Versatility – available wherever it is needed, this portable shower option is a great way to circumvent the need to stoop-and-scoop when washing pets, patios or cars. It also makes an innovative way to facilitate watering your garden and cleaning sandy feet off when returning from the beach.
  • Multi-Function Hanging – The ‘S’ hook can be connected to any support you can find including tree limbs, post, fences and rock formations. The powerful suction cap supports the shower head RV or car windows.
  • Recharge to Refresh – the pump is powered by a lithium-ion battery which can be recharged by connecting to a USB output. The battery takes 2.5 to 5 hours to reach a full charge and delivers about 45 minutes of showering time.
  • Super Long 6-Ft Cord – you will not have to break your back carrying buckets, the long- 6-ft cord will allow you to reach clear across your area of operations without having to move your bucket.
  • Lightweight and Portable – The entire contraption is compact and easily fits into a corner of the backpack. It won’t take up much room in the back of the car either. *]Built-in Filter – this removes any contamination from the water that could harm the integrity of the components.

Review Of ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Summer Shower

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower,Silver/BlackAdvanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower,Silver/BlackBuy Now From Amazon


Being able to find a high-quality water source for showering or staying clean is easier said than done while camping. A lot of campers will end up using a stream of water and hoping for the best but that’s not always going to yield good results.

This is where the ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Summer Shower promises to provide a wide array of features for modern-day camping.

Here is a detailed review of the solution and whether it is worth investing in for your next camping trip.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly On/Off Showerhead
  • Large-Sized Filling Valve
  • Solar-Powered Shower (5-Gallon)
  • Side Pocket with Temperature Gauge
  • 4-Ply Construction


  • Warm Water

A hot shower is what you are going to be after and this does a good job of heating the water. In a matter of minutes, the water is in great condition and ready to go the way you want it to be.

  • Consistent Power Output

The power output is amazing and it is something you are not going to have to worry about during the camping trip. Simply turn it on and know the power is going to remain the same as you want it to until the shower is over.

  • Easy to Set Up

It doesn’t take long to set up and that is ideal when it is time to start camping. While it does have certain concerns about how long it takes to turn on/off, it doesn’t get in the way once it is ready to go. This includes regulating temperature.

For those who want a high-performing shower, this is the one that is going to get the job done without a worry.

  • Built to Last

The build quality is impossible to beat due to the quality reflective layer on top. This makes sure the performance is world-class in a wide array of conditions as expected when outdoors. Camping is going to throw numerous curveballs your way and it is best to have something like this ready to go.


  • Difficult to Open and Close

If there is one concern with this product, it would be the way the on/off setup functions. In general, the user needs both of their hands to make sure the product is turned on/off as needed. This can be frustrating depending on what a person has in their hands at the time of taking a shower.

While it is easy to get used to after a few showers, it is still something to keep in mind before buying.

Aquatrek Portable Camping Shower

AQUATREK: Portable Camping Shower THE BEST BPA-Free Camp Shower 3 Gal 10L PRESSURE Solar Shower for CAMPING SHOWERS with Hot Water from Sun, Portable Shower Camping Shower Bag with camping accessoriesAQUATREK: Portable Camping Shower THE BEST BPA-Free Camp Shower 3 Gal 10L PRESSURE Solar Shower for CAMPING SHOWERS with Hot Water from Sun, Portable Shower Camping Shower Bag with camping accessoriesBuy Now From Amazon


The Aquatrek Portable Camping Shower is a portable device that allows individuals to take showers while on the go. It is currently available on Amazon.com for $79.99 with free shipping. It is an ideal camping accessory to have access to when campers want to clean themselves while continuing to enjoy the outdoor camping experience.


  • Composed of BPA-free plastic
  • Provides up to seven minutes of solar-powered hot water
  • Comes equipped with a 10L shower bag
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around
  • Equipped with a pressurized foot pump for maximum efficiency
  • Made with strong and durable materials to withstand constant use
  • Has a side carry handle and a strap for over-the-shoulder wear
  • Perfect for use on campgrounds, near lakes, and even by the beaches

The Advantages

The Aquatrek Portable Camping Shower offers many advantages to camping enthusiasts. It is a compact device that can easily get carried around from one spot to the next. Those using the portable camping shower can fill it with water, leave it out in the sun, and enjoy a hot shower just two hours later. The pressurized pump improves the water pressure, making it possible to get that deep clean feel while out on a camping adventure. It is strong enough to remove all traces of dirt and mud from the body.

This camping shower comes with numerous attachments that make it easier to carry and transport. In addition to its accessories, it easily fits into a shower bag that keeps it covered and protected until someone needs to use it.

The Disadvantages

The only disadvantage to this product is the cost of $79.99 for those who are trying to stick to a tighter budget. While the price may be a bit high for some people, it is worth the investment because individuals can get plenty of use out of the portable camping shower. Aside from getting plenty of use out of it, the materials used to make this hand-held shower of such a durable material that those who buy it can expect it to last for years on end, even if they are using it quite often for camping adventures.

Best Camping Soap And Shampoos

Campsuds Biodegradable Soap

Sierra Dawn Campsuds Biodegradable Soap – All Purpose Cleaner for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Household – Perfect Liquid Soap for Camping Dishes, Shower, Shampoo, Hand (4oz in Nalgene Bottle)Sierra Dawn Campsuds Biodegradable Soap – All Purpose Cleaner for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Household – Perfect Liquid Soap for Camping Dishes, Shower, Shampoo, Hand (4oz in Nalgene Bottle)Buy Now From Amazon


Heading outdoors into the wild world beyond can be a dirty thing. There will be mud, dust, grease and a host of other icky-sticky contaminants to clean off clothes, dishes, hair and bodies.

Keeping clean and hygienic while out on the trails is the only way to arrive home comfortable and healthy. This is where the right biodegradable wilderness soap will allow you to “Leave No Trace” while backpacking, hiking or hunting through the wilderness.

Campsuds by Sierra has been a favorite among the most die-hard outdoor enthusiasts for more than half a century and for good reason. In our product review we will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Campsuds by Sierra as your all-purpose wilderness soap.

What is Campsuds by Sierra?

Campsuds by Sierra offers 4oz. of top-quality biodegradable cleaning solution for all your wilderness cleaning needs. Only the smallest amount of this super concentrated solution is needed to thoroughly clean just about anything that can be washed.

In addition to a lovely fresh fragrance, Campsuds are made with non-ionic and anionic clang agents and are perfectly safe for use in the wild and in any type of water. The well-constructed leak-proof Nalgene bottle means you can take Campsuds with you anywhere even on trips to foreign lands.

What We Like About Campsuds

  • Top-Quality All-Purpose Cleaner – Tough enough for cleaning your camping kitchen and soft enough to be used on the face and body. This will greatly reduce the amount of stuff you are planning on carrying with you.
  • Works with All-Types of Water – Campsuds work the same in hard water, soft water and even in salty sea water. Perfect for heading to destinations with dubious water sources.
  • Versatile Nalgene Bottle – Nalgene is a laboratory-grade plastic that is shatter proof and lighter than glass. This 4oz container is leak-proof and highly durable, it even floats in the water so you’ll never lose it. (But, be sure to follow instructions and use this product 200 ft. from any sources of water, as per Leave No Trace guidelines) When you are done, the Nalgene bottle is perfect for securely carrying oils, spices, or anything else you can think of.
  • Only Needs a Small Amount – only the smallest amount is needed to easily cut through the greasiest stickiest mess. You can expect a small bottle to last you many happy adventures.
  • Fresh Fragrance – the fresh smell of pine is suitable for any occasion or location.
  • Experienced and Trusted Manufacturers – with over 50 years of experience, Campsuds is a name that has become synonymous of good times and outdoor fun.
  • Biodegradable – as a rule, any type of soapy products are bad for the environment and should be avoided at all costs. This biodegradable solution will keep your expeditions eco-friendly.

What we didn’t like about Campsuds

  • Not as Concentrated as Other Options – according to some of the comments from hikers everywhere, Campsuds is not quite as concentrated as some of the other options.

Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camp Soap

Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camp Soap | 4 Oz Bottle | Multipurpose Environmentally Safe Concentrated Cleaner | Use as a Body Wash or Dish Soap | All Natural Hunting & Camping SoapDead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camp Soap | 4 Oz Bottle | Multipurpose Environmentally Safe Concentrated Cleaner | Use as a Body Wash or Dish Soap | All Natural Hunting & Camping SoapBuy Now From Amazon


Maintaining clean hygiene is an important and an everyday affair. It might be on a day when we go out to participate in a sports event, when we go for a camping tour or even when we choose to remain within our home premises, in all times, we have to clean our houses, our equipment, ourselves and generally maintain a clean environment.

At homes, we can easily access different kinds of soap for different needs like washing our dishes, for bathing/shampoo, soap to wash our clothes, houses and vehicles. At home, accessing a type of soap and/or its substitutes is easy provided if you have the money for it.

The conversation is a bit different for anyone needing soap but, in this scenario, is out in the woods camping; it is quite difficult to buy soap then. Also, when packing for a camping trip, space is chief among a host of considerations. You might not have the luxury of packing all the different types of soaps you will require for the entire camping period.

So, if you have space to pack a single bottle of soap then what would be the requirements in terms of capacity, purpose and portability one would look for the ideal soap solution for your camping needs?

Is it Environment-Friendly? Many types of soap contain antimicrobial and other compounds containing sulphur and phosphate elements. Washed-up soap waters with these elements cause variations in acid and toxicity levels in the waters and the soil and could be a major contaminant to human, plant and other organisms.

Also, there are a lot of limitations in using non-biodegradable soaps. During camping, one may be prohibited from using the soap as far as 200 feet from a water body or be required to drain soap/rinse water from non-biodegradable soap at least 6 inches deep.

Sensitivity on Skin and Other Surfaces

Soap options are limited to one who is in the woods meaning you do not have the frill to change the soap you carried along. Additionally, you might be forced to share soap with a camping friend with a different type of skin from yours. Skin sensitivity is an important consideration when selecting all types of bathing soaps and becomes an even more critical concern during camping.

Always look for a soap that is gentle on your skin and your hands.


This is my favorite. When out on a camping mission, I want a soap that is suitable for all my needs so much it feels like shopping for all my soap under “one roof”. I want a soap type ideal for both bathing and my laundry. I bet no one wants to carry two soaps if they can carry one can for both jobs.

Removes Odor Besides Removing Dirt

This is part of the dynamic use of soap. Nonetheless, you want a soap that leaves surfaces smelling fresh. The ideal soap should remove both organic and chemical odors on clothes and body skin. Most outdoor activities such as camping will leave a distinct odor on many surfaces including our bodies.

Liquidity and Portability

Liquid soaps will mix with water with relative ease compared to solid/bar soaps. Soap solubility in water is more appreciated when one is dealing with hard water and bar soap. Hard water has natural minerals that make it harder to lather with most types of soap. For outdoors activities, where the water is hard, liquid soap might be a better option compared to bar soap.

There are other features to consider when selecting the ideal camping soap but the ones discussed above are quite key for a camper looking for the ideal soap.

Based on these qualities I have found satisfaction in Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping Soap. This soap is very effective as it relies on bio-engineered enzyme technology to clean surfaces. Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping soap is very tough on grease. I like this soap because it is also:

Portable and in a Tightly-Sealed Bottle

I find Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping Soap very portable and easy to pack and carry along. It comes in a 4 Oz bottle that can fit in relatively small spaces.

You do not have to worry about soap leakages as the bottle top is tightly-thread such that no air gets in the bottle when the top is closed; soap content is well held inside the bottle.

The liquid nature of the soap means it lathers easily with water and I do not have to work it too much. The packaging bottles used in the sale of the Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping Soap are recyclable.

Environment Friendly

I use the soap without much fuss on the impact it has on my skin and the environment. The soap is all-natural and is biodegradable meaning the soap can decompose by the action of the bacteria in the soil.

The future belongs to ecologically-friendly soaps and Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping soap is ecologically friendly. This soap is very gentle of the skin and on hands as it has plenty of organic oils.

Multipurpose Uses

Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping soap has many uses. It can be used for washing dishes, washing hands and body. This makes the soap convenient for many uses in many places.

Dead Down Wind Base Camp Biodegradable Camping soap kills all types of organic and chemical odors and leaves a fresh smell on clean surfaces. Arguably, versatility is a big reason why I love this soap; it allows me to achieve cleanliness without buying many types of soap when preparing for a camping mission.

Biodegradable Camp Soap

Biodegradable Camp Soap - 8 oz - For FreshBiodegradable Camp Soap - 8 oz - For FreshBuy Now From Amazon


Spending time outdoors, whether camping, hiking or travelling, can be a dirty and germ-filled affair. As such you need to have the right cleaning supplies, including soap, to ensure that you can stay clean and fresh while camping in the wild. In addition to keeping your dishes, hands and clothes clean when camping, the right soap should also be biodegradable, and should not endanger the environment in any way whatsoever.

Read on below to find out more about this Biodegradable Camp Soap.


Specially formulated for use in fresh and salt water, hot or cold, this biodegradable camp soap is designed to be a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean your hands, camping gear and clothes outdoors with minimal effort. Packed in a compact 8 ounce bottle that is easy and convenient to pack and carry around in your camping bag, you can be sure that you always have what you need to maintain the best possible levels of hygiene whenever you go out hiking or camping.

Main Attributes

  • Compact Package: This portable camping soap comes in a small and lightweight, 8 pound, package that is easy to pack and carry around in your camping or hiking backpack. As such, you won’t have any excuse for not having the right cleaning product for all your cleaning needs while exploring the wonderful outdoors.
  • Biodegradable Formula: Designed to work exceptionally well in hot and cold water, whether salty or fresh, this soap is completely biodegradable. This means that you do not have to worry about having a negative impact on your natural surroundings whenever you use the soap. Furthermore, this product does not use any fragrances or dyes.
  • Multipurpose Use: As previously mentioned, the Biodegradable Camp soap is designed to meet all of your cleaning needs when exploring the wonderful outdoors. From hand washing, to dish washing and cleaning camping and hiking gear on the go, this amazing product does it all.


  • Superior cleaning power in both fresh and salty water.
  • All in one product that can be use to clean hands, dishes and all sorts of camping gear.
  • A Portable product that is easy to carry around in your backpack when camping or hiking.
  • This biodegradable product is safe for the environment and is designed for outdoor use.
  • This is a fragrance and dye free product.


  • Only comes in a fragrance free version.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of camping showers?

The main types of camping showers are solar showers, propane showers, battery powered showers, and vehicle attached showers. Solar showers rely on the sun to heat water in a reservoir. Propane showers use a gas burner to heat the water. Battery powered showers have an electric pump and battery. Vehicle attached showers connect to an RV or car.

How do you shower while car camping?

The easiest way to shower while car camping is to use a portable solar shower. Fill the reservoir bag, leave it in the sun to heat up, and hang it on a tree or pole. Attach the shower head and enjoy a warm outdoor shower.

What should you look for in a camping shower tent?

Look for shower tents that are easy to set up, well-ventilated, made of durable and opaque materials, have built-in shelves and hangers, and are lightweight and portable. Pop up shower tents are convenient.

Why use biodegradable soap when camping?

Biodegradable camping soaps break down naturally and don’t harm the environment. They can be used safely even near lakes and streams. Regular soaps can damage ecosystems.

What makes Campsuds a good camping soap?

Campsuds is biodegradable, multipurpose for cleaning hands, dishes, etc., concentrated so only a small amount is needed, has a fresh scent, and comes in a durable leak-proof bottle.

How do you conserve water when camping?

Take short showers, use a portable shower with flow control, reuse wash water for cleaning, and avoid bathing in bodies of water to conserve water when camping.

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