14 Benefits Of Camping

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When you think of camping, what kinds of thoughts come to mind?

Is it laughing with your children while roasting marshmallows or perhaps it’s the thought of enjoying a hike with your partner after not being able to spend as much time together.

Whatever it may be, it’s time to make it a reality.

Camping with your family has an astronomical amount of benefits compared to other vacations.

Instead of being pushed around the streets of Disney or cramped in a tiny hotel in the middle of nowhere. You and your family are camping outside in the beauty of Mother Nature.

There are so many family, nature and health related benefits to family camping to consider when thinking of your next household trip.

Family Benefits

Bonds For A Lifetime

As your children and partner grow older, they’ll look back at precious family moments that built a strong bond within the family.

Disney might have been a bit more fun, but it sure as heck didn’t have as much bonding!

Whether your kids haven’t been keen on family movie nights or your partner has been held up with long work weekends, one of the many benefits of camping is rebuilding relationships with one another.

Educate Yourselves, Please!

Here’s a secret… don’t tell the kids about this benefit of family camping. Camping is an exceptional educational experience for children of all ages.

Take this time of relationship building to teach your children something new about themselves or the environment they’re in.

Whether you choose to teach them about animals on a hike or how to build a fire, these are skills your children will pass on for generations!

You can even use the simple two-liter bottle as educational opportunity with our article on 2-liter survival hacks.

The Skills Are Off The Charts!

Building a fire isn’t the only skill you’ll be learning on your family getaway…though it is the most useful.

There is an abundance of new skills your family will be able to learn while camping. Some of which may be useful just in the moment while others may become helpful later on.

Just some of the many skills your family may choose to learn about on this adventure are:

An infographic listing the essential skills you can learn while camping with your family

  • Reading a trail map
  • Outdoor journaling
  • Catching fish
  • Assembling a tent
  • Tying different types of knots
  • Differentiating types of birds

I urge you to take these newfound skills and use it to your everyday advantage.

Essential camping skills are also the foundation of survival skills which everyone should know. Even if you don’t want to be a prepper, you never know when you’ll be driving in rural countryside and need to survive a winter night because of a flat tire. Learn survival skill basics with this article.

Future Memories In Progression!

Cameras aren’t necessary when building these mental memories!

Looking back at how Mom or Dad kept building the tent wrong will be one of those memories your children will remember for years. These are the kinds of memories and stories that will be told at family events and family dinners.

If you want to double up on those memories by bringing a camera too, no one will be stopping you. This camping trip is yours just as much as your families.

2. Nature Benefits

Become One With Nature

Naturally (no pun intended), this would be the first benefit of camping. Whether you’re camping a mile away or states away, nature surrounds you.

Utilize this family camping experience to become one with the nature you pass by. Take the time to focus on the path you hike or to be aware of the birds that chirp above you.

This is the beauty of the natural raw world. The ground you set up camp on, unless specifically said otherwise, had been created by Mother Earth herself.

One of the best ways to truly feel the earth beneath you is through grounding. Grounding is an activity every family member can take part in. It’s as simple as removing your shoes and socks and feeling the pull of the earth beneath your toes.

The Importance Of Environmental Conservation

One of the most crucial benefits of family camping is the understanding of environmental conservation.

Camping is a beautiful way to see why conservation is important.

Teach your children about conservation while camping. Education on saving our planet will go a long way as they get older.

Notice the clean air you breath while camping and the litter-free hiking trails the animals roam on. Remember, there are ways you can consider being environmentally conscious while you prepare your camping trip:

  • Don’t pack food in plastic ziploc bags, instead use reusable containers.
  • Bring reusable utensils like a bamboo set instead of plastic one-time use ones.
  • Use natural food scrapings as future compost in your garden.

You can learn more about camping conservation with our article on reducing waste while camping.

Just Eat Naturally

Whoever cooks in this family, whether it be you or your partner, will adore this benefit for family camping and that is the food!

The most delicious aspect of camping…the food. Family Camping is time to take those easy outdoor recipes you’ve been dying to use and put them to use. Whether it be a fresh fajita bowl or chicken and corn on the cob, use this time to learn new recipes and teach your children the ease of cooking.

If you want to get the most out of this benefit, push yourself and your family to cook only with items and/or foods around you. After taking proper safety precautions, this could potentially be a fun family activity and a yummy one!

Here are some super easy camping recipes to make if you’re stuck on what to cook.

And if you’re looking for even more recipes, don’t hesitate to check out this amazing corn recipe that’ll have you salivating all night.

3. Health Benefits

The Ease Of Camping

This benefit might be a stretch for some, especially my overthinkers. Family camping compared to other family vacations can be a lot easier and stress free if planned well before.

No more wondering where you’ll get your meals or chasing down different family members. Ease your mind knowing that this camping trip will build new relationships and require somewhat less work.

Family camping can be a superb stress reliever for you and your children as long as you plan accordingly and pack only the necessities.

And here you’ll find superb reasons why you should consider planning your camping trip well in advance.

The Physical Benefits

According to researchers, physical activity has been shown to increase overall mood and help with mental disorders like generalized anxiety and depression.

Physical health is an exceptional benefit to family camping. Whether you choose to do rigorous hikes everyday, fish or simply stroll among nature your family will be physically moving.

Physical health is just as important as mental. If you or a loved one suffers from a mental health disorder, getting outside and physically moving has been proven time and time again to ease minds.

If you’re tired of your kids and partner staring endlessly at their phones on the couch, camping is an amazing opportunity to get out and get moving.

The Ultimate Mood Booster

Have you or your family been feeling less like yourselves? Perhaps the chaoticness of online classes for your kids and the extra work shifts for your partner has put the whole family in a mood.

Fear not! Camping is a brilliant way to boost moods through the adrenaline rush of hiking to the calming feeling of reading a book in the woods. Whatever you and your family choose to do on a camping trip, you’ll definitely see (and feel) a shift in moods.

One of the most relaxing benefits of camping is the ease of individually doing activities that make you happy. Something that changes your mood in a positive manner may not be the same for your children or partner.

Communication is key on family trips and will in return make the camping a breeze.

Don't Lose Focus Now!

Your mind is scrambled with the PTA meeting next week and Sally’s soccer match Saturday and the big project for your boss that’s due tomorrow, and this and that …isn’t it tiring? The chaoticness that is every other day in the household.

Don’t you wish for one weekend or one week your family’s only focus is on each other. No school projects or meetings or unnecessary PTA bake sales.

Another benefit of camping is the ability to focus on one thing at a time. Your mind isn’t going crazy thinking about what’s next, instead your sole focus is on what you’re doing right now at this time.

The benefits of camping are endless. It’s an easy, cost efficient and fun trip for children of every age!

These are the times your family will look back and recall family vacations they cherished. I encourage you to make camping one of these family vacations as it’s clear there are so many reasons to do so.

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