Overview Of The Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

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If you are an sporty family who enjoy biking, strolling, cross-country skiing, or jogging, then the all-in-one Thule Chariot Cross sport stroller is definitely for you. As a parent, the first thing to consider is the safety of your child. But being a parent doesn’t mean you have to forsake all your hobbies. The Thule Chariot Cross sports stroller screams versatility and compatibility for multi-sport functionality.

This high-end piece provides the broadest customization and the best kid-friendly features among all baby trailers. It is durable and well-equipped to suit different activities and terrains all year round. The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is elegant, compact, and easy to use; it checks all the boxes athlete parents are looking for. It is available in Thule blue/Poseidon or Roarange/ dark shadow colors.

Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller / Bike TrailerThule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller / Bike TrailerThule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller / Bike Trailer


The Thule Chariot Cross is among the latest and best multi-sport bicycle trailers and strollers that span four different terrain activities. It is essentially a cross-country trailer. The Chariot Cross is best for on or off-road touring and can basically be used in any environment. The padded seats and adjustable suspension make it ideal for parents/guardians introducing their children to the outside world. This all-inclusive trailer is designed for biking, strolling, jogging, or skiing.

Bicycle Trailer: The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is designed as a baby multi-sport trailer. Whether it’s on-road or off-road, the Chariot Cross is perfect for both terrains and guarantees a comfortable ride experience for parents and kids alike. It comes included with a Bicycle Trailer Kit that can be attached to the rear of any bike.

Strolling: Ideal for walking trips given how light and super easy it is to push the trailer, plus it has a ton of storage that allows you to carry anything you want to bring along. The swivel wheels have a small turning radius, making it easy to maneuver around in dense places. The Chariot Cross comes included with a strolling kit.

Jogging: The jogging kit is sold separately. Thanks to its big and fully adjustable handlebar, the XL cargo space can be retracted to increase legroom/ kick stride for taller parents thinking about jogging with their child. Though it’s not included in the kit, it is the most ordered accessory as an extra. The sport trailer can change into a jogging stroller in seconds.

Skiing: Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean that outdoor family trips have to stop. The ski-kit comes with a body harness and two skis that substitute the wheels. The Thule Cross Country Skiing kit is sold separately.

An infographic Overview Of The Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller


  • All-rounded trailer that offers you the best in strolling, jogging, biking, and cross-country skiing
  • Only Thule model featuring independently reclining seats
  • Easy-to-clean and removable seats
  • Adjustable suspension system to facilitate a smooth ride
  • Compact fold for easy transportation and storage
  • Easy to use
  • Can switch between models conveniently


  • Pricier than most
  • Detachable sunshade can get lost



The Thule Chariot is multi-functional and comes featuring a trailer arm and stroller kits: skiing and jogging are sold separately and are more of an upgrade option. This multi-sport bike trailer performs exceptionally well across its various field of use. The two swivel wheels are mounted to the chassis and can change the carrier into a four-wheeled stroller by pushing down the swivel wheels and detaching the trailer arm.

How four-wheel strollers perform on uneven surfaces compared to three-wheel strollers is just incredible. The two plastic swivel wheels are easy to steer and can functionally maneuver through rugged terrain. Moreover, jogging kits feature a big fixed front wheel that tracks and rolls easily.

Storage Capacity

Although it’s not as big as the Burley system, Thule has a widely functional storage system. The storage space in the Thule Chariot Cross can be found in its trunk and is independent of the trailer’s body. This XL cargo space’s advantage is that it can fold up and latch onto the trailer’s frame, thus getting stored away when not being used. As a result, this provides additional legroom while jogging or strolling.

Another amazing feature of this trailer is the Click n’ Store, convenient for on-board storage of jogging, strolling, and cycling conversion kits. The frequently used conversion kits don’t take up too much space since the lightweight, compact trailer arm can fit into the wheel guard and attach itself to the trailer’s side. Stroller wheels, on the other hand, lock onto the front wheel guards upside down. This allows you to easily switch between activities without compromising your storage capacity.

Wheels And Brakes

On the front, the Chariot Cross features two swivel wheels and tube-type 20” spoked rear wheels. The rims are elegant, lightweight, sporty, and matte black. Given how versatile the Chariot Cross is, it has a rear-wheel hand brake to add stopping power and safety, especially when in stroller or jogger mode. It particularly comes in handy when touring hills in stroller mode. You want to ensure when you hit the breaks – it does just that.

Interior Size

There are two types of Thule Chariot Cross buggies: single or double. We advise that you purchase Chariot Cross 2 instead, particularly if you’re a young family. The trailer can hold two passengers of varying ages and weight of up to 100 pounds, and the internal sitting height is 27 inches.


The big rear wheels are equipped with an adjustable suspension system that guarantees a smooth ride, no matter the type of terrain. In fact, it is the best bike trailer for rides on-road and off-road, thanks to the leaf spring suspensions. It’s straightforward to do since you only need to slide the latch downwards or upwards, depending on the load’s weight. The suspension system can be calibrated to five different settings, so it is ideal for any child regardless of their weight. When you have both light and chubby kids, make sure you’ve made appropriate adjustments on both sides.


The comfort of your kid(s) is a major factor you simply cannot afford to compromise on when purchasing a bike trailer. The comfort features can prove to be the determinant between a fantastic and utterly unbearable trip. Thule Chariot Cross 2 manufacturers have gone all out to ensure they have equipped their latest model with comfortable seats. The seats are smooth and have been padded to act as a cushion for the child’s butt. What’s more, the padded seats are detachable to allow for an easy cleaning experience. The bottom spots of the trailer have the same thick nylon fabric on its sides. It has a hole that allows water to pass through if the little one happens to spill some liquid.

Exterior And Covers

The baby getting out for some sunlight is good for their overall development. But some weather conditions can be as detrimental. You have to ease their fragile bodies into the various weather conditions and seasons. The Thule Chariot Cross 2 comes featuring a plastic rain cover, zip-up mesh door, and sunshade. The exterior fabric material Chariot Cross is made of UV-resistant, durable, and weatherproof canvas.

Mesh Door Cover: The mesh door is a well-ventilated clear-screen that helps prevent bugs and small rocks from gaining entry into the interior. It’s made up of a fine mesh that still enables children to see outside. Its door zips down to the bottom rail latches. When not being used, the mesh can be rolled away to a compartment under the roof. The whole design is pretty solid.

Rain Cover: The Chariot Cross features a waterproof rain cover that is completely detachable. Installing the cover may take some time, given how it extends to cover the trailer’s top and sides for optimal protection. The cover won’t cover the ventilation holes to prevent fogging up and also leave enough oxygen for the little one to breathe.

Sun Guard: The Thule Cross is among the only trailers that provide an adjustable sunshade. The sunshade has been designed to be conveniently long and can be adjusted up or down to offer more skin protection from sunlight. Whether the kids are napping inside or the sun is low, the sunshade is adjustable over the whole door-area. The sun guard attaches to the side-frames and can be placed under the rain cover. This gadget is a must-have feature for longer trips.

Security And Safety

The security and safety of the kid being hauled around cannot be emphasized enough! For this reason, the Thule Cross 2 Sports features a 5-point safety harness that is easy to buckle, adjust, and is entirely secure. It also features a rear light for extra visibility on roads.

Just because you’ve received a new member(s) doesn’t mean you have to stop going for outdoor adventures. With the Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller, you can do just about anything in the great outdoors without compromising your kid’s safety and comfort. It was made for this exact purpose. If you fall under this category as an outdoorsy family, then you should consider ordering this product. It is something children will definitely love as you experience family adventures together.