7 Tips On How To Meditate While Camping

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The best way to meditate on a camping trip is to go on a solo trip where you avoid your phone. The next best way to meditate on a camping trip is to do a group camping trip where you agree to only talk when absolutely necessary. At the very least, find an hour away from everyone to sit still and be quiet to meditate.

Solo camping can seem daunting at first because when we’re camping, we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. However, I’m not advocating that you do a solo dispersed or wild camping trip.

You can take a solo camping trip to a state park. I went on a solo trip during a busy holiday weekend. While I technically had neighbors, they were at least 20 feet away from me. And over the weekend, the only words I said to another human being was hello if I passed someone on the trail.

The reason why I advocate silence for meditation on a camping trip is that silence is the only way to give you mind a chance to rest. You don’t need any mantras or phrases.

Just silence.

But here are 7 more specific tips on how to meditate on a future camping trip.

What To Pack: Essentials For A Zenful Camping Experience

When you go out to seek a meditative camping experience, you have to prepare yourself adequately to keep things cool. You need to carry along the right items to help you reach your happy place and make your camping trip worthwhile. The items that are essential for your zen session include:

  • Airplants
  • Incense or any soothing scent
  • A scarf cloth
  • Pen and ink
  • Meditation books
  • Mala beads


Scientifically, air plants go by the name Tillandsia, and as the name suggests, air plants do not need soil to grow. They grow on anything they can attach themselves to and get almost all of their nutrition from the air. Airplants are great for meditation and mindful camping because they help purify the air around you. They help you to concentrate more and feel relaxed thanks to their incredible calming effect. Being around air plants while out camping can minimize stress, reduce blood pressure, and improve your focus.

Soothing Scent of Incense

For a heavenly zen session, you will need a soothing scent or a sweet aroma. While bringing scented candles may not be ideal for outdoor getaways, burning incense sticks can be an excellent source of a soothing aroma. Research by scientists proves the soothing and sweet scent from incense can calm your nerves. Incense can make your zen moments more intense. Incense is good for your soul because it brings a sense of peace and connection. Also, incense sticks double up as timers. For as long as they burn, they help you stay in a meditative state.

A scarf cloth

Scarfcloths help in setting up the meditation mood as you prepare to zen out. You can do without them, but they can help you achieve peace and tranquility. Their colorful and beautiful visuals help set the tone for your zen session. They allow you to slip easily into the serenity you oh-so seek.

For some people, a scarf cloth is sentimental and helps bring back soothing memories that bring a calming effect.

Pen And Ink

Meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be all in your head. You get into zen mode on your camping trip by bringing a pen and ink along and air out your tensions, thoughts, feelings, and reflections in writing. Unlike a personal journal where you share deep secrets, complaints, and realizations, pen and ink, plus a noteboak are better suited for sharing meditative thoughts.

While the chances are that you’ll be tempted to, don’t even think about substituting a pen and ink with a notebook and pencil.

The idea is to own your thoughts and ideas by jotting them down using an ink pen to eliminate the option of erasing. Using an ink pen instead of a pencil lets you focus your energy on the greater good.

Meditation Books

You can begin your zen session by reading a meditation book. Engaging your mind by reading a meditation book can help you delve deeper into your thoughts and reflections and give you a different perspective of the world and life. Meditation books are great, especially for beginners.

Mala Beads

Mala beads are a type of prayer beads used since ancient times by spiritual and religious people to achieve a quiet mind, a calm body, and a tranquil spirit. Mala beads also help you to keep count of your mantras while meditating. Besides, they serve as jewelry thanks to their aesthetic beauty.

7 Easy Ways To Zen Out While Camping

While you are out camping, there are several ways you can meditate like a pro. Here is how:

1. Engage In Breathing Exercises

The great outdoors offers much more than just good scenery and tranquility. More importantly, camping offers fresh air, which is very hard to come by in today’s concrete world. You can relieve yourself of stress and anxiety just by breathing in the fresh air. Before you begin meditative breathing, consider the quality of air and scents around you.

Get into a comfortable posture and focus on your breathing. With each passing breath, pay attention to your body movements. Although many people take short and shallow breaths, longer ones that go all the way to your stomach are better. Longer breaths will put your mind at ease. Practice the 4-7-8 breathing technique, which is designed to reduce stress and anxiety and induce sleep. When done in the great outdoors, it’s found to be more effective.

2. Take a Walk… Don't Rush. A Nice, Slow, And Mindful Walk Should Suffice

You can make your camping experience a mindful one by taking a walk in the serene outdoors. This will stimulate awareness by involving your senses and heightening your level of sensory perception.

Connect to the outdoors and nature in general by listening to mother nature’s sounds, smelling the environment around you, or just watching nature and all its glory. Watch the trees, plants, insects, and other animals.

Taking a walk will help you forget about all the thoughts that distract you from being one with nature. Focus more on your thoughts and feelings with every step you take. While you walk, watch how you breathe as you try to make your body, mind, and soul in tune with nature.

Practicing this will help you enjoy the present moment while giving you peace of mind and a sense of tranquility.

3. Try Some Relaxation Techniques

You stand to benefit mentally and physically by engaging in relaxation techniques. The benefits increase when you practice relaxation techniques in nature. There are several techniques you can use for relaxation while out in the wild, including

  • Yoga
  • Guided imagery
  • Meditation
  • Autogenic training

Yoga is an all-rounded technique, and in addition to improving your physical strength, flexibility, and balance, yoga workout positions also help ease your mind.

When you are amidst mother nature’s glory, yoga sessions and other relaxation techniques tend to trigger the production of more “feel good” hormones, which heightens the effect of meditation.

Try meditating when you are out camping in a serene environment and witness your relaxation practices intensify.

4. Engage In Grounding

Grounding refers to practices that allow you to be one with the earth. Another word for grounding is earthing. Humans use it as a form of therapy. According to recent scientific studies, being directly in contact with the earth’s electrons can positively affect a person’s health. Sadly, very few people engage themselves in grounding because of the adoption of the modern lifestyle.

Scientists have made a discovery that earthing can:

  • Promote the quality of sleep
  • Improve your mood
  • Minimize chronic fatigue.
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Minimize chronic joint and muscle pain.

Try to increase your contact with the earth more by walking barefoot and sitting or lying on the ground.

5. Reduce The Time You Spend On Your Gadgets

It is challenging to completely disconnect yourself from the world, especially for beginners, because you must put all your electronic gadgets away. Before you jump in your RV for your getaway camping trip, let people know that you won’t be available or reachable unless it’s an emergency. This way, you will avoid all unnecessary calls that could disrupt your zen sessions.

6. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded people

Any mindful camper knows that the company they bring to a meditative camping trip can ruin or enrich their camping experience. If you want to meditate in nature successfully, avoid bringing people that stress you. Instead, go with people who want to zen out as much as you do.

Alternatively, consider camping solo. Camping solo gives you more time and space to focus on yourself and your surroundings, allowing you to achieve inner understanding and peace.

7. Break Out Of Your Shell! Try New Things

Sometimes finding your zen isn’t all about relaxation and meditation. You can achieve zen mode while being active too! Challenging yourself mentally or physically can help you find your zen. Give yourself the chance to try out new things like rock climbing, rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, or trail running. Ensure you do this with someone who has enough experience and practice safety.

Bottom Line…

It’s unfortunate that not many people get to unwind and take in nature’s glory. Some are either too engrossed in their jobs, while others struggle to disconnect from the world. Luckily, armed with the right tips and hacks for meditating while camping, camping enthusiasts, including beginners, can enjoy meditation while having fun outdoors.

Mindful camping is an experience that should rejuvenate you. It’s an opportunity for you to get away from your daily routine, minimize distractions, and concentrate on yourself and the environment around you.

Doesn’t it feel awesome to feed your gypsy soul and bond with the earth and mother nature? You bet it does! With these tips, now you can explore the untouched corners of the earth with some spiritual enlightenment.

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