5 Best Hiking Sandals

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Hiking boots are great except for situations where a pair of sandals would work better. Hiking on a hot summer day, for example, you may want to let your feet breathe a little, as long as the trail isn’t too tough.

Even so, today’s hiking sandals can have excellent traction and the ability to tackle more rugged terrain.

Also, the best hiking sandals will feel comfortable whenever you have them up. Have a look at these five amazing trekking sandals and find out why they’re so great for hiking.

Top 5 Hiking Sandals

Teva Men's M Katavi 2 Sport Sandal

Teva Men's M Katavi 2 Sandal, Black Olive, 12 M USTeva Men's M Katavi 2 Sandal, Black Olive, 12 M USBuy Now From Amazon


Teva has some of the best hiking sandals in the world. The Katavi 2 sandals offer exceptional comfort and solid overall performance.

The uppers are black olive leather and textile combo, which makes it very pleasant on your feet. The midsole has a comfy cushioning of EVA foam.

The outsole is synthetic and provides enough traction for summer hikes. These sandals are very stable, and the straps are easily adjustable to your preference. An overall versatile choice that will satisfy most hikers.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great shock absorption
  • Great value
  • Quality leather

Cons Synthetic sole

ECCO Men's Yucatan Hiking Sandal

Ecco Men's Yucatan Outdoor Sandal, Espresso/Cocoa Brown/Black Nubuck, 44 EU (US Men's 10-10.5 M)Ecco Men's Yucatan Outdoor Sandal, Espresso/Cocoa Brown/Black Nubuck, 44 EU (US Men's 10-10.5 M)Buy Now From Amazon


The Ecco Yucatan hiking sandals are the quintessential dad-sandal but in the best way possible. They are, of course, very comfortable due to the plush materials and EVA cushioning foam.

These are the type of sandals you can wear for any sort of travel, regardless of the terrain and distance. The rubber sole allows for the most traction and flexibility.

The sandals also feature RECEPTOR technology, which provides incredible stability and support. There are three straps, but only the back and the center straps are adjustable.


  • Rubber outsole
  • High-end materials
  • Flexible
  • Versatile

Cons Pricey

Chaco Men's Z/Volv 2

Chaco Men's Z/Volv 2 Sandal, Black, 10 M USChaco Men's Z/Volv 2 Sandal, Black, 10 M USBuy Now From Amazon


The Chaco Z/Volv 2 hiking sandals are 100% textile, which makes them featherweight. It also means that they will perform much better when they come in contact with water.

The rubber sole will ensure enough traction and stability, and the polyester webbing upper will keep your feet stable. There’s also a toe loop for additional movement security. The webbing is also very adjustable and provides a customized fit.

The midsole is quite soft, considering that it’s made of polyurethane, which means it’s also comfortable and durable. The sandals are also great for people who have wide feet and struggle to find the best hiking sandals for their needs.


  • Adjustable webbing
  • Toe loop
  • 100% textile and vegan-friendly

Cons The straps might be too long for some

KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal

KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal, Beet Red/Honeysuckle, 10 M USKEEN Women's Whisper Sandal, Beet Red/Honeysuckle, 10 M USBuy Now From Amazon


Keen’s Whisper Sandals come in a plethora of colors and designs. But that’s not all that makes them unique. It has a handy adjustable and elastic cord that you can pull and find the perfect fit for your feet.

They’re incredibly well-built too. You get so much mobility and comfort in just one sandal. The webbing is a type of polyester that has excellent water-resistant features.

The midsole features Keen’s Metatomical design that offers plenty of arch support. The Keen Whisper Women’s sandals are easy to maintain and are very durable.


  • Great for water
  • Beautiful design
  • Adjustable elastic cord

Cons Not for wide feet

Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Water Shoes

Merrell Men's J65243, Brindle/Butterscotch, 10.5 M USMerrell Men's J65243, Brindle/Butterscotch, 10.5 M USBuy Now From Amazon


If you’re looking for an all-in-one type of sandal, the All-Out Blaze by Merrell is one of the best hiking sandals on the market.

They’re made of 100% waterproof leather for the uppers, so you know that they are the ultimate water shoes. This pair features a closed-toe design, which makes them suitable for many other occasions and weather conditions.

These are very good-looking shoes that have Vibram soles and a Bungee lacing system. It’s a sandal type that will work great as casual wear and for trail running and even work environments.


  • Waterproof leather
  • Adaptable
  • Closed-toe

Cons A bit heavy

What Are Hiking Sandals and Why Do You Need a Pair?

If you love a nice long hike on a hot day, shoes like sneakers and boots may not work as well. Hiking sandals are to keep you firmly on the ground while also providing some ventilation.

If you need to cross a body of water, waterproof hiking sandals will let you not think twice about it. Avid hikers likely have several types of hiking shoes. And hiking sandals should also be a part of the hiking shoe assortment.

Different Types of Hiking Sandals

You’re likely to recognize a hiking sandal when you see one. They’re usually very strappy and cling firmly to your feet. The most significant difference in hiking sandals type is the open or closed design.

It’s worth mentioning that no hiking sandal will provide full coverage as a boot. However, going with an open design at the rear of the sandal is preferable to the open-toe model.

You still get plenty of ventilation, but your toes are protected from insects and injuries. On the other hand, some people enjoy having their toes liberated and will prefer it regardless.

3 Benefits of Hiking Sandals

If you love hiking and wearing sandals, you probably don’t need anyone to tell you what’s so great about wearing hiking sandals. But people who are a bit apprehensive about the idea should focus on these three benefits.

1. They're Lightweight

If there’s one thing to be said about hiking sandals, they’re incredibly lightweight. The more weight you carry on your feet when you travel, the more energy you’ll expend. That’s why sandals that don’t feel like anything on your feet are perfect for hot summer hikes.

2. No Blistering

Fully enclosed shoes can be too harsh on the feet, especially on a long hike. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never get blisters with a pair of hiking sandals, but it’s just not as likely if you have good socks on.

3. They Make Water Crossing Easier

You’re bound to run into a smaller or bigger body of water on the more challenging hikes. If there’s a creek you have to go across, waterproof sandals will be a life-saver. Having to take your shoes off every time and then tiptoeing over rocks can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable.

4 Things to Look for in a Good Pair of Hiking Sandals

Certainly, you’ll look for sandals that catch your eye, but that’s not always a good indicator of quality. Here are a few more relevant factors to consider.

1. Support

Like with most shoes, the support will depend on the quality of the midsole. It’s either EVA foam, which is very soft and light but not extremely durable, or polyurethane (PU), which offers more support but also much firmer.

2. Outsole

Or just the sole as most people refer to the bottom of any shoes. The recommended material to look for is natural rubber. That will provide the most traction and stability. Sometimes the sole will have lugs and treads that will add even more traction.

3. Lacing

The traditional lacing system is not easy to find in modern hiking sandals. Only a few come with it. A more common style is webbing, which usually consists of three straps. However, some brands might add a fourth strap for extra security.

4. Water Resistance

Just a little clarification — your sandaled feet of course will get wet if you step in a puddle. Water resistance in this respect means the sandals are not going to break and have their performance affected by water. Leather or suede uppers, for example, may take a bit longer to dry completely. However, most hiking sandals are made of quick-drying materials that can withstand frequent washing.


Everyone is trying to get the most value for their money. And in the case of hiking sandals, the Teva Men’s M Katavi 2 Sport Sandal perfectly fits the bill.

These are versatile, comfortable, and very adjustable men’s sandals. You can wear them on any type of terrain, including water, and expect them to perform well.

However, the best hiking sandals are not going to be the same for everyone because the style also comes into consideration. All the sandals reviewed in this article can be a phenomenal choice for somebody.