STOP Building Campfires With A Lighter

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Until you do this first

Using a BIC lighter as is.

BIC lighters are the best tool to have on hand when you need to get a campfire going for survival purposes. The lighters are cheap and reliable. However, the lighters do have their limitations.

But dark-colored lighters are hard to find in your pack or drop on the grass in the dark. They don’t come with any tinder to help get a fire started. They are hard to light if your fingers are cold and numb.

To make the lighters easier to use when your fingers are cold and numb you can remove the child safety catch on the striker wheel

When you remove the safety catch, the wheel will be easier to spin and spark. The modification will result in a more consistent flame which is important when you’re fingers are numb from the cold.

But make sure these survival lighters are kept away from children so that they don’t accidentally light an unplanned fire.

You want to get a roll of orange Gorilla tape. I keep several feet of this tape wrapped around my trekking poles to use for patching gear, making trail markers in unknown territory, and for First-Aid.

You want to wrap the orange tape around your lighters so that they are easy to find in your pack or if you drop the lighter on the ground.

And if necessary, Gorilla tape makes for an excellent fire starter.

Finally, you should always carry three lighters with you. One of which you always keep in your pocket so that it’s available to you even if you lose your pack. A lighter next to your body will also keep the lighter warm enough to light in the cold.

In a survival situation, you must be able to light a fire quickly. A well-prepared survival lighter is your best friend when a survival fire is required.

Bonus Tip: And you can also learn how to make a fire without a lighter when you visit Survival Fire Secrets.