Best Way To Heat Water Camping

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The best way to heat water camping is to use a gas stove. While campfires are nostalgic and a great way to stay warm or roast marshmallows, it is not the best method to heat water. A gas stove will heat water much faster and more efficiently. If you are using a campfire, be sure to build it up high enough so that the flames are not too close to the pot of water.

There are three reasons why gas stoves are the best way to heat water on your camping trip.

Fast And Efficient

A gas stove is a great way to heat water quickly and efficiently, whether you’re at home or on a camping trip. When you wake up in the morning and want coffee or to make oatmeal, you don’t want to wait on the campfire.

With a gas stove, you will have instant heat and can have warm water within a few minutes.


I love making campfires, but they are not easy to build, in particular if the wood is wet or it’s raining.

Plus, they take a long time to get to the point where they are hot enough to boil water. And the best type of campfire to use heat water or to cook food has no flames. Instead, they are only coals.

And if you are trying to keep warm or want the ambiance, you want a roaring campfire.

Thus use a stove to heat your water because it’s going to be simpler and keep the roaring campfire going for heat or ambiance.

Works Even With A Burn Ban

During the dry months, many campgrounds will not allow you to have a campfire but you can use a stove.

So if you’re planning on camping during the summer months, make sure to bring a stove so you can still heat water for coffee or meals.

No one wants to drink cold coffee or eat cold oatmeal, so be prepared and bring a stove.

There are many different types and brands of stoves that you can choose from. I recommend that you invest in a good quality stove that will last you for many years, such as the Coleman two-burner propane stove.

This stove is easy to use, durable and has enough space to fit a large pot or pan. It also has an adjustable flame so you can control how hot the water gets.

If you are solo camping or backpacking, then you might want to invest in a backpacking stove such as a Jetboil. These types of stoves are optimized for heating water quickly as opposed to general cooking.