10 Awesome All-Season Tents For 2021

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For too many people, they avoid camping in the winter. This is unfortunate because many campgrounds are empty during this season. Trees covered in snow are breathtaking. And fewer insects to deal with. But winter camping requires additional preparation including choosing the proper tent. This article will teach you about why you should choose a 4-season tent.

What Is a 4-Season Tent

A 4-season tent is a tent built to stand-up to winter conditions. This means that it will have thicker walls and floors to handle higher winds and snow. But will have enough ventilation to reduce condensation build-up. However, it will not have as many vents to help keep you cool during the summer.

What Classifies a Tent as 4-Season

Tents are classified by the typical conditions for a specific season. A single season tent is designed for summer. They’re focused on keeping you as cool as possible. Many people prefer a 3-season tent because it’s the best option for spring. Where it might be warm during the day but cold at night. A 4-season is made to deal with snow, wind and cold. For example, they will have double walls, a rain fly and a bathtub floor. A bathtub floor is camping slang that means the bottom of the tent has a water-proof barrier and that barrier is extended up the bottom of the tent alls. They also have more room so that you can keep more gear in your tent. However, if you are planning to camp high up in the mountains, you should buy an expedition tent which is even more rugged.

Why Buy a 4-Season Tent

If you plan to camp in the winter, then you will need a 4-season tent. These tents have thicker walls, rain flys, and bathtub floors that will keep you dry in a snow storm. And have more room so that you can keep all of your gear in the tent. And we wrote this article on how to choose a winter sleeping bag.

What Size of Tent Should I Buy

This depends upon the type of camping you plan to do. If you are planning to backpack then you are going to focus on having the smallest and lightest tent possible. Because you have to physically carry it. If you are bringing your gear with you in your car or truck then you can carry a larger tent. We’re fans of getting the next larger size than the number of people coming with you.For example if it’s you and a buddy that are going camping, get a 4-6 person tent instead of a 2-person tent. This will give you more room to move around. And to store your gear.

Finally here is our favorite 4-season tents:

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can’t go tent camping. You just need to be prepared such as having an all-season or 4-season tent. These will keep you warmer and dryer. Finally you may also want to check out our article on camping in an RV as well.

feature image credit: Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash