What Is Bikepacking

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When people think of bikepacking, they know that it is something different. That is because it is the best thing that happened to the bike industry and also for the rider. They love what backpacking has given to them and they really appreciate it. They also want to do it a lot and enjoy every minute of it. When people are into it, they really have a great time and they are happy while they are doing it.

What Exactly Is BikePacking?

It is all about a group of people who love to ride their bikes, explore the world and the outdoors. Then, businesses picked up on it and they wanted to get in on the whole deal. They tend to commercialize it but it is still something that many people enjoy. They love that they are out exploring and they are free to go on the trails that they choose to. This is what they enjoy doing and they want to keep doing it for a long time to come. When they want to find somewhere to go when they bikepacking, they find just the right places all of the time. They know that they can have a great time no matter which trails they are going on. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that enjoy bikepacking, you will get to spend hours enjoying yourself on all kinds of trails that will really make you feel happy.

It Is Even More Than That

There has always been a time where bicycle touring was very popular but bikepacking takes it even further. These are routes that are off-pavement. The remote trails are just the beginning of an adventure that really stands out for so many people that enjoy it. These trails that people use are more adventurous, quieter than regular routes, and simply a lot more fun for the people that want to camp out when they are riding. It is a lifestyle in a way because the people that like to go bikepacking really live it and they love it. They find that it gives them the ability to get close with nature and to love every minute of it. For them, they can find nothing better than a route that is less traversed and more difficult to maneuver. They also love that they are entering into the unknown and that they will have to go about their way and stay safe too.

Wander, Remote, Backcountry, And Access

These four words are the basis for bikepacking. The people that like to do this enjoy being able to wander. They love that the trails are remote in the backcountry and that they can have access to them. It allows them to really exercise their will and they love to have a challenge. Bikepackers really want to go all out when it comes to being able to ride the trails as they see fit. They enjoy all the time that they spend out in nature. For them, it is something that they will never forget and they must do more. They are always looking for even better trails so that they can get their fill of excitement.

An Alternative To Mountain Biking

For those that like to go bikepacking, it is an alternative to mountain biking. They are on a bike not on a mountain bike. They are in charge of how fast they go by the strength that they have. Since this is a true testament to the strength of a person, people need to be in good shape to enjoy bikepacking. They should also make sure that they are healthy enough to take on the challenges that will be presented to them when they go on the various trails and camp out in the wilderness. Many bikepackers get a physical from their doctor so that they know that they can handle the inevitable excitement that they will feel when they are bikepacking. It will give them an adrenalin rush and they want to be sure that they can handle it in their system. When they know they are strong enough, they let it rip so to speak, and head out on the trails to see what they can do with them.

Loving The Outdoors

As the bikepackers find even more remote routes to cover, they may run into other bikepackers along the way. This is a welcomed event because they can compare how they are doing with their bikepacking interests. People make friends along the way because they share the same interests. It is really something that only true bikepackers can understand and since there are not that many of them, they love when they can meet up with others that understand their love of the bike and the wilderness. It makes a lot of sense to them and they really appreciate each other.

The Cost Of Bikepacking

Some people may think that you need to spend a small fortune to begin bikepacking. This is simply not true. You can use what you have already. Your bike, some bags, and camping gear. You can take on a route that is near to your home and do an overnight trip to start to get the feel for bikepacking. It is the minimal that you need to spend some time on your bike in the wilderness and camp out. You will feel like you are having the time of your life and you won’t need to spend a fortune. Making it on just a little bit is what the whole process is about. You want it to be just a little bit that you are living with and making it. It is really all about surviving out there in the remote areas and remaining safe and well. You will want to make sure that you have the things that you do need. Food and water, of course, are very important. Make sure that you have that along with you when you decide to go bikepacking.

After A While

As you get further into it, you might want to invest in a better bike. That is, of course, if you would like to. The only thing that you have to remember is that you have to have a thirst for adventure and not be afraid of the outdoors. If you can safely say that you love this type of thing, then bikepacking is for you. You might want to look into a secondhand hardtail that you can find in the classified ads. This will give you just what you are looking for when you want to go bikepacking and it won’t cost you that much either. You will want to try out any bike that you get before you go out on a trip because you will be in the saddle for a long time. That is, you need to be able to handle the fit so be sure that you try it out before you head out on a long journey. You will be glad that you did because you might end up really sore if you don’t.

You Want To Have Soft Bags

You will want to consider getting roll bags and seat bags at first. These bags are soft and you will be able to fit what you need in them. Once you have a bike that you are really happy with, you will want to get a frame bag. This will allow you to carry even more with you so that you will be able to handle the remote areas a lot better when you are camping out. This is what will get you even more interested in bikepacking because you will want to make sure that you have all the necessities that you need in these soft bags attached to your bike. If you need to, you can also bring a backpack but most bikepackers do not use them. They encumber them while they are riding. Try to fit everything into the soft bags that are attached to your bike.

Here is an example bag you to check out:

Lixada Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag

Lixada Bike Saddle Bag 3-10L Large-Capacity Mountain Road MTB Bicycle Bike Cycling Tail Bag Storage Pack Bicycle Under Seat BagLixada Bike Saddle Bag 3-10L Large-Capacity Mountain Road MTB Bicycle Bike Cycling Tail Bag Storage Pack Bicycle Under Seat BagBuy Now From Amazon


The Lixada Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag is an intriguing option for those wanting a versatile, aesthetically pleasing option for their ride.

This brand continues to offer a long list of options with this one being a new addition to the collection. Here’s a detailed look at what the bag is all about.

Key features:

  • Under Seat Design
  • Waterproof Pockets (2)
  • Made of 900 D Polyester
  • Tail Hook Design for Safety Purposes
  • Velcro Straps and Buckles
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 20.07 x 11.68 cm


  • Refined Build Quality

Whether it is the tail hook design, velcro straps, or buckles, everything about this saddle bag is exemplary. The attention to detail is impossible to beat and it is this refined build quality that sets the tone for riders.

  • Lightweight

Coming in at a mere 0.83 lbs, this is one of the lightest saddlebags available right now. It’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t get in the way of your ride during the day. This is especially important for those who are going to be hauling across different terrains while riding from point A to point B.

  • Multiple Pockets

There are two rainproof pockets available in this bag and it’s perfect for different conditions. These pockets are spacious, easy to use, and perfect for those who have multiple devices they need to carry while riding.


  • Can Loosen Over Bumps

Depending on how aggressive the ride quality is, this saddle bag can loosen over time. It’s imperative to double-check when it’s time to install the bag into place. Otherwise, it can fall or start to rattle even though it’s well-made.

Get Ready To Ride

When you have all of your gear in those soft bags, you will then want to head out. You will enjoy the ride and love being outside in the fresh air. Get ready to explore the places that you have never seen and you should enjoy all of the outdoors that you can get your hands onto. You will be amazed at how much it will invigorate you to be bikepacking. Make sure that you always practice safety first too. You want to have a special first aid kit on hand just in case anything should happen when you are out in the wilderness.

Make it the most fun that you ever had. Bikepacking is a special and unique way of enjoying biking and the outdoors. It combines it all and you will get to have adventures that you might not have in any other way. If you love it, you will want to do it all the time and you should get to do it as much as possible.

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