What Do Polarized Fishing Glasses Do

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What is the most important item when fishing? Many fishermen are quick to answer with their favorites like a boat, fishing rod or their secret bait. However, the advantage of polarized fishing sunglasses offers the most comprehensive edge for anyone going fishing. Polarized sunglasses will allow you to catch more fish than the next guy. Your eye protection and comfort are increased, shielding you from damaging rays from the sun and even lure projectiles coming at your face (it’s happened to all of us). Polarized glasses should be treasured and never forgotten at home when heading out on the water.

How Do Polarized Glasses Work?

When you’re out on the water and the sunlight beams down, it causes intense glare which resonates off of the lake’s surface, making it difficult to see. This glare is caused when the light mirrored by the water starts to polarize horizontally as opposed to randomly. Polarized fishing glasses work by obstructing the light that is being mirrored in our eyes. By eliminating these light waves, any glare on the water’s surface is likewise removed, providing clear vision and the ability to “see” into the water.

What are the Advantages of Using Polarized Fishing Glasses?

The primary benefits from using polarized fishing glasses are the ability to remove glare, see through the surface of the water and to protect the eyes themselves.

Seeing below the surface allows a fisherman to identify cruising or holding fish, find underwater structures like logs and plant life as well as identify drop-offs. A pair of polarized fishing glasses will undoubtedly help you to spot fish that were virtually undetectable before. Polarized fishing glasses with ultraviolet filters help safeguard the eye and retina from UV radiation. Ultraviolet rays can actually burn your eyes, and since anglers spend so much time on the water in the sun, this protection is essential for diminishing this health threat. Accidents can take place and guarding our eyesight needs to be considered when out for a day fishing. Polarized glasses protect from fishing hooks which can be tossed right into the eye during hooksets or when casting.

UV Defense is Critical For Your Eyes

When buying a pair of polarized fishing glasses, ensure that the lenses offer one hundred percent ultraviolet defense. This is essential for the health of your eyes. Not all glasses will provide this level of protection which is an indication that they are lower quality glasses. High-quality glasses will also safeguard against infrared rays, protecting you from reflected light.

Don’t Lose Your Polarized Fishing Glasses

Sometimes the action in the water gets heavy, and you could potentially lose your glasses. Get a strap or lanyard so you can remove your glasses or lose them while bending over to land a fish. Polarized fishing glasses can be pricey, so attach a lanyard to each pair to protect your investment.

Polarized fishing glasses are required gear when fishing, and are as important your rod and reel or tackle box. Choosing the ideal set of glasses will protect you from UV rays and allow you to see and catch more fish.

Here are our favorite polarized fishing glasses:

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