The Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers

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When I was camping in the Boy Scouts in the 1980s, sleeping pads for camping were in their infancy. They were expensive and not typical. I believe we tried on once, but it wasn’t comfortable. This is because you laid on it and it flattened itself to the ground.

Thirty years later and sleeping pads have improved. They are inflating but still lightweight. And often easy to clean and care for.

However, there is still a challenge with many sleeping pads. They only keep you up off the hard rocks and twigs of the ground when you are sleeping on your back.

Which if you are one of the 8% of Americans who sleep on your back, then you’re in luck! However, according to WebMD 63% of Americans sleep on our sides. I am one of those people.

And if you start reading the reviews of sleeping pads that people take on their tent camping trips, you see a common complaint That is they do not support you when you are sleeping on your side. This position focuses all of your weight, and the pads can’t support your body.

Thankfully, I believe I found a solution.

This self-inflating sleeping pad from Triphunter Gears is a 1.5-inch thick sleeping mat which helps you to stay comfortable and cool even in bad weather. It allows you to get a good night’s sleep, also if you are on uneven ground. Whatever position you need to sleep in, this will help you to get comfortable.

This easy to use mat will let you get set up in seconds. Just pull the mat out of the bag, and you’re ready to go. When it’s time to sleep, use the two belts that come with the bag to roll it up and put it away. It’s amazingly compact once it’s folded up.

The universal construction means that the durable pad will inflate and keep you comfortable at temperatures from 20F and above. The pad is made from 75D polyester, which protects it from moisture and stops you from waking up feeling cold and soggy.

Durable and Long Lasting

The durable construction should be able to handle most of what the world will throw at it. Think about everything a sleeping bad must endure on a camping trip. Rocks. Twigs. Sticks. Your bored dog. And the toe-nail on your big toe that you have trimmed since the Clinton administration.

For those rough days, however, you can take advantage of a mending kit if necessary to patch up any minor damage. The kit is sewn into the bag so that you won’t be caught away from home without it.

I read an article that said that the official color for 2019 (as decided by the company Pantone) is “Living Coral.” I thought it would be avocado toast. It seems funny that there is an official color. If you are in the fashion industry, it is crucial.

Neither Cowgirl Teena or I am fashionistas. But art is one of my hobbies. And that’s why I am familiar with the idea of an official color.

I don’t know if this sleeping pad is an official color or not :).

The bold color scheme means that you won’t misplace the bag or the sleeping pad. It’s eye-catching, but not over the top. The pad is adult-sized and has an R-value of 4.0. This means that it’s a good option for mild climates. It is not intended for extreme outdoor use, but it is perfect for festivals and short road trips.

The increased thickness of the premium pad means that most adults can comfortably use it. The pad is designed to be used by adults up to 220lbs in weight. It will stay inflated even as the temperature drops, which makes it a much better choice than a traditional air bed. You can count on it to keep you comfortable. For best results, set it up and allow it to ‘expand’ before inflating it. Merely opening the valve will allow for some expansion, however, if you like your bed firm then you will want to inflate it a bit more.

Compact But Weighty

There are trade-offs for having a sleeping pad that can support you sleeping on your side. It needs more material to hold itself up. This is simple physics.

Unfortunately, when you are camping, you are often battling the laws of physics. There are basics that you need to carry. Things such as your tent, your sleeping bag, food, and water. You also need to bring along your tools such as a large knife, a compass, and of course your fire making kit.

How much you want to bring along, will depend upon how are you camping. For example, if you are camping with your vehicle, then you can carry more. However, if you are taking a hiking trip, then you will want to do a better job of managing your weight.

While the pad rolls up to a small size, it is quite hefty. It is well worth carrying for a camping trip which is multiple nights long, however, some people may feel that it is a bit too heavy for a shorter day trip, especially if they are carrying other gear. It is not particularly heavy but the extra bulk will be noticed if you usually travel with a simple roll out mat. Most people feel it is worth the extra effort though. The material is easy to wipe down, so if you spill drinking water on it, then you can just wipe it off.

When we think of camping, we imagine all of the fun we will have while we are awake. Spending time hiking in nature and away from the stress of life. The smell of a campfire and the taste of roasted marshmallows. But if you don’t sleep well then you won’t enjoy your trip as much.

This sleeping pad will make your camping trip more enjoyable. Leave the sleeping on the hard ground to the old cowboy movies.