10 Remarkable Survival Knives For Bargain Hunters

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Survival knives are essential tools for outdoor adventurers, offering versatility and reliability in challenging situations. From camping to hiking, these knives provide functionality beyond basic cutting tasks. This article highlights ten remarkable survival knives available on Amazon, each with unique features and benefits.

1. Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Swiss Army is a classic brand. The One-handed Trekker knife is hefty enough that it can cover most survival tasks, including batoning small pieces of wood yet small enough that you can carry it in your pocket.

Swiss Army knives come with toothpicks and tweezers, which are important for first-aid.

2. Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

The Garberg is the best fixed-blade knife to carry with you if you want to do bushcraft. The blade is made from a single piece of steel (aka full tang). It is comfortable in your hand. The blade is long enough for serious work without becoming a Rambo knife.

3. LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool

I believe everyone should also have a multi-tool in their camping or survival bag because of the pliers and wire cutters. On a traditional camping trip, I have needed a pair of pliers more than I have ever needed a knife. I have used pliers to fix a stuck zipper and to crack walnuts.

4. Leatherman Signal

This is the smaller version of a classic Leatherman. It has a very small Ferro rod attached. What I do like is the hammer to push in stakes on a backpacking trip. The pliers then come in handy to help get the stakes out of the ground. This Leatherman makes a nice gift for a Scout.

Each of these knives offers unique features catering to different aspects of survival and outdoor activities. Whether you need a robust tool for tough environments or a compact knife for everyday carry, these selections provide excellent options for any adventurer.

5. GERBER GEAR Dime Multi-Tool

This is the smallest multi-tool that I’m aware of. The Dime can fit into an Altoids tin can. This is great for making a pocket-sized survival kit. You won’t baton any wood with this knife, but you are more likely to need to open up a stubborn package of instant ramen anyway. And the scissors work perfectly for that.

6. Classic Swiss Army Knife

This is the classic Swiss Army knife. Another great gift for someone who is new to the outdoors and not quite ready for a bigger knife. It also fits more comfortably in your pocket than the Trekker. You can’t go wrong getting this knife.

7. Gerber Slim Drive Multi-Tool

Gerber also makes multi-tools. Gerber is a quality company but is not as well known as Swiss Army or Leatherman. I believe people will get this if they get a good deal or like the look and feel of this tool better.

8. Gerber Gear Lockdown Driver Multi-Tool

A slim Gerber multi-tool that you can fit in your pocket. Whether you need to need to open an Amazon box or tighten a loose screw then you should check this out. I think similar to the Gerber Dime, it shouldn’t be your only survival knife in the outdoors but can work in an outdoor emergency.

9. CIVIVI Mini Praxis Folding Pocket Knife

My father-in-law only ever carried a folding pocket knife. And a quality pocket knife is all you need for camping. You are unlikely ever to need to baton wood. And you can carry tweezers in your first-aid kit, plus bring along a real saw if necessary.

10. Ka-Bar 1220 US Army Straight Edge Fighting/Utility Knife

The K-Bar is the survival knife that started it all for Boomers and Gen-X. It is the inspiration for the Rambo knife. If you want a dependable knife that is going to handle whatever condition you can imagine then this is the knife for you.

Bonus The Swiss Army Champ

The Swiss Army Knife that comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Though you could probably build a kitchen sink with this knife.