Kamp-Rite XL Compact Tent Cot Review

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Do you want to sleep off the ground but aren’t ready for a hammock (or perhaps you’re in west Texas and there aren’t any trees).

If so, you have come to the right place. You can have a good sleep listening to the sound of nature during your next camping trip when you invest in a high-quality camping tent cot.

The latest camping tent cots are designed to provide the avid outdoor enthusiast with a good night’s sleep after a fun and fatiguing adventure. Camping tent cots come in different shapes and sizes, and you may find it difficult to choose the best product that suits your camping needs and budget. The Kamp-Rite XL Compact Tent Cot is one of the best products in the market today. This cot comfortably sleeps one person with a cozy, private sleeping area. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Kamp-Rite CTC Compact Tent Cot.

Kamp-Rite Compact Tent after being setup

My friend Gisela bought one for the flexibility. She likes to kayak-camp when she’s not car camping. She liked that the tent could be separated from the cot so that she can use it for her kayak trips.

While there isn’t any storage in the tent, she uses her pickup truck for storage. She only needs the tent-cot to sleep in.

Who Should Invest In The Kamp Rite CTC XL Compact Tent Cot?

The Kamp Rite compact tent cot is ideal for one person. It comfortably sleeps one person after a fun and fatiguing adventure during the daytime. The cot weighs only 28 pounds and is perfect as a car camping item. The tent is fully floored & detachable so that you can take it separately on shorter camping trips. It has holes, and you can stake it down by purchasing a few tent stakes.

Even though the tent cot can be used in all seasons, it’s more suitable for cooler climates. For example, the tent is rather enclosed and if you keep the rainfly on, it can be quite warm inside the tent. Hence, it isn’t ideal for warmer climates unless you keep the fly open. The inner windows and doors are closable to control the climate inside the tent as much as possible.

You can easily set up this camping tent on a snowy, muddy, or grassy surface or ground because you will be well off the ground when sleeping in it. The sleeping surface is 21 inches off the ground for your convenience. But you need to be cautious when setting up the tent on soft ground since it will sink in. On the other hand, the Kamp-Rite XL version has an 84 x 33-inch bed to accommodate even taller people. The entire structure is about 57 inches tall from the ground to the top end of the tent.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of The Kamp-Rite CTC XL Compact Tent?

The Kamp-Rite CTC XL Compact Tent is a lightweight tent designed with extended length and width to help maximize your comfort while camping at night. You can use the tent and cot separately or zip the parts together for a comfortable sleeping surface. The windows and rainfly help keep the camper comfortable and dry while camping. The security of your personal items is assured with storage pockets in the cot. The camping cot comes in an easy-to-carry roller bag as well as a duffel bag if you plan to carry only the tent. Once you finish camping, you can disassemble and stow away the tent in minutes.

The XL tent has enough space to keep one person comfortable in any weather - even though the tent is ideal for cooler weather conditions. The rainfly and privacy windows provide enough ventilation to keep you comfortable in warmer weather conditions. Here are some of the salient features of the Kamp-Rite CTC XL Compact Tent:

Kamp-Rite Compact Tent with just the cot

  • 3-Piece Convenience - You may use the tent cot as a complete tent cot with the rainfly or a stand-alone cot or a stand-alone tent with the rainfly. All pieces are packed in a rugged wheelable case that could be carried easily and discreetly on foot or through public transportation.

  • Easy Set-Up - The collapsible one-person tent cot is easy to set up to provide comfortable and fast shelter at your campsite. You can set up the tent in less than one minute.

  • Build Quality And Design - The tent is constructed with heavy-duty weatherproof 190T fabric with taped seams to protect you from adverse weather. The high-quality mesh on the doors and windows provides enough ventilation while guaranteeing your privacy. The powder-coated steel frame ensures build quality. The zippers, pegs, buckles, and rainfly are corrosion resistant to make sure the camping cot lasts for many years to come.

  • Off The Ground Is Warmer & More Comfortable - You are safe from crawly critters since only the bottom of the cot feet touches the ground. It is ideal for people who have difficulty getting up off the ground. The cot is warmer, cleaner, and comfortable off the ground.

  • Share The Cot With A Kid Or Pet - You can easily share the XL tent cot with a small child or pet. The spacious tent has enough space to accommodate them.

  • Use The Tent For Other Needs - You can use the Kamp-Rite CTC XL tent for emergency needs other than recreation. For example, you can carry the cot in a vehicle or stow it at a remote location ready to be used in case of forced emergency evacuation situations such as floods and earthquakes. The XL tent gives you peace of mind in such situations. On the other hand, you can use the product as a mini home away from home since it provides a warm place to sleep if the electricity supply goes out in your area.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Easy to set up in less than one minute
  • Keeps you off the ground
  • Superior build quality and design
  • Accommodates one person with a small child or pet
  • Can be used for other purposes other than recreation
  • 3-in-1 product to be used as a separate tent, separate cot, or a tent cot
  • Suitable for all seasons


  • The cot material seem sturdier and some seams are not glued
  • Heavy but comes with wheels
  • Bulky
  • The instructions are not laminated
  • Very expensive to return

All in all, the Kamp Rite Compact Cot XL is one of the best camping tent cots on the market today in that price range.