Handmade Black Rock Knife

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I love unique knives such as this handmade rock knife.

Handmade Black Rock Knife

8" Davis Creek Rainbow Obsidian Flint Knapped Pressure Flaked Domed Knife Blade Dagger Hafted On Quaking Aspen Handle w/Imitation Sinew

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Technically, this is an obsidian knife that has been hand-knapped. Which means it uses an ancient manual process to shape the rock into a blade shape. This type of rock has been used for centuries, even going back to early humans. This is because it’s a common rock that when broken creates a “perfect” sharp blade.

These blades are so naturally good, medical researchers continue to see if they can be used to create better scalpels.

The maker of these knives does not use any machines. Instead, he knaps the obsidian using the same techniques our ancient ancestors used to make their tools.

The rocks are purchased from various rock shops from across the USA.

And he can even make custom knives to order.

This would make a great gift for campers, hunters, and rock collectors.

Disclaimer: Please only purchase where it’s legal to do so and only use for legal purpose.

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