Guide To Tactical Flashlights

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For the student and the soldier whether you are walking down a street or you are in a war, tactical flashlights are helpful in many situations, and could even protect you from a very dangerous situation one day. They may seem compact, but they are actually really powerful.

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What Is A Tactical Flashlight?

Simply put, tactical flashlights are flashlights designed specifically for tactical (i.e. police or military) use. Most versions of the tactical flashlight feature a design so that it can be mounted or attached to a weapon such as a rifle for low-light shooting. They are usually smaller when compared to traditional flashlights, but they emit a lot more light. They are also made from weapon-grade aluminum which ensures maximum durability. While tactical flashlights were originally designed for police and military units, they have also become really useful personal everyday defense tools for average civilians.

Why Would You Want A Tactical Flashlight?

Next to the traditional pocket knife, a compact tactical flashlight is among the most versatile and useful tools anyone should have in their everyday carry kit.

One of the main reasons to invest in a tactical flashlight would be for self-defense. The brightness of the flashlight can blind an assailant when you shine the light in their eyes. The ability to inflict blindness (temporary) can give you enough time to either run away or get into a position where you will have more of an advantage.

Flashlights are also essential items to own in an emergency like a power outage. A smartphone, which may be applicable in these situations, can lose its battery, especially if the power went out unexpectedly and the charge is already low.

This is why you should always have a flashlight on hand to provide the illumination that you need. Tactical flashlights are compact which makes them much easier to carry around. Due to the material and the design, a tactical flashlight can also provide a much better grip which means it will be a lot harder to slide out of your grasp.

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Tips On How To Choose A Tactical Flashlight

Before you decide to buy a tactical flashlight, you should first consider what you plan to use it for.

If you are looking to buy a tactical flashlight for self-defense or emergency purposes, or to use a survival tool in unknown terrain (such as hiking or camping out in the wild), you should think carefully before you choose one. Regardless of your reasons for wanting one of these products the flashlight that you choose should be durable with a robust battery and a long life.

Tactical flashlights are often a popular choice since they provide better performance and more functions when compared to ordinary flashlights. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right tactical flashlight for your needs.

Tactical Flashlight - Power Supply And Types

Most versions of tactical flashlights include LED lights. The LEDs are very energy efficient, which is why a tactical flashlight generally has a much longer battery life when compared to conventional flashlights.

Brightness And Lumens

Lumens are physical units of luminous-flux. Light-output flux are measured in lumens. When it comes to tactical flashlights the lumens numbers range from 100 to 5000. The intensity of the light has improved to such high levels for the purpose of defense or survival.

Some versions of tactical flashlights come with a “stroboscopic” feature that creates a super-bright light designed to shock or confuse an assailant which can stop the person from advancing forward.

If you are choosing a flashlight according to lumen lighting, here are a few things to consider:

  • Does the flashlight have more than one mode you can choose from

  • The lighting range

  • The lighting duration on the highest setting

  • Check The Quality Of The Tactical Flashlight

Before purchasing a tactical flashlight check on its quality and standard. The American National Standards Institute approved specification standards for flashlights in 2009. Since then the ANSI FL1 became the quality-checker for buyers of flashlights.

Beam Distance Of The Flashlight

Beam distance is either measured in feet or meters. It measures the distance that the light is able to reach before it disappears or diminishes. Simply put, this is a measurement of how far you will see when you use a tactical flashlight.

In general, a flashlight that floods wider areas with light usually has shorter beam distances but spread the lumens to larger spaces. This is why people tend to prefer using this type of flashlight for close-up activities.

However, when you are looking for a light that can travel a longer distance, choose a flashlight that “throws” light rather than “flooding” light. People tend to choose this flashlight type for different long-distance activities such as night hiking, biking, or search and rescue.

Now that you know more about what a tactical flashlight is, here is an example of one of the best tactical flashlights on the market:

TC1200 Flashlight

Trusted by Armed Forces, and now the average citizen, this amazingly 1200 Lumens bright Flashlight is powered by an advanced CREE LED technology. This compact, light-weight flashlight includes 5 modes, aircraft-grade aluminum, and 100 lamp life hours. This dependable and durable tactical flashlight is ideal for all types of situations.

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Powered By CREE LED

The 1200 Lumen output is the most powerful single-LED on the market.


This tactical flashlight is waterproof to IP65 Standard.

Constant Brightness

The digitally-regulated output is designed to maintain consistent and constant brightness.

Heat Protection

Over-heat protection to prevent high temperatures on the surface.


Slip-resistant, anti-roll design for a reliable grip.


This tactical flashlight is made from robust and superior aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

Tactical Switch

The tactical tail switch comes with a remote that allows you to choose either a constant or momentary-on function.

Zoom In Or Out

The TC1200 Flashlight also includes a 1x-2000x telescoping focus.

This product is available with free-priority shipping on any order and is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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