8 Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Are you planning a bachelorette party for your best friend and want to come up with something different and exciting? Camping could be the perfect option! Let’s go over some of the most fun and creative camping bachelorette party ideas that you can use.

From creating special cocktails around an outdoor fire pit to glamping under the stars, there are plenty of ways to make this night one that your bestie will never forget. So put on your party hats, grab all the supplies you need, and let’s get started!

1. Rent an RV and spend the weekend camping at a nearby campground

Step aside beach getaways and luxurious spa experiences! A camping bachelorette party is the perfect spin on a classic girl’s weekend - and renting an RV to camp out at a nearby campground is the cherry on top. Not only will you be able to enjoy time spent outdoors in nature with your closest friends, you’ll also have the warmth and security of sleeping in an RV (no more cold sleeping bags!).

With no shortage of activities available for you and your besties, you can go for long hikes, stargaze together late into the night, or sip coffee by the campfire come morning. So, forget the stress of unpredictable weather patterns or seeking out something special to do - it’s all there when you plan a camping bachelorette party!

2. Plan a hiking or nature scavenger hunt - make a list of items to find and take photos of along the way

Consider combining camping with a clever scavenger hunt - making you and your bridal tribe a part of the wilderness that surrounds you. Prepare a list of items, wildlife or plants to find on your adventure, and add some quirky challenges along the way like taking silly photos or creating crafts. This way you get to explore nature out of the ordinary, appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty, and capture it all for memories that will last even longer than your tan lines!

3. Have a picnic dinner in the park, complete with blankets, wine, and cheese

For the bride-to-be looking for an extra special and fun bachelorette party, why not plan one outdoors with nature? Camping can be a great way to spend quality time out in the fresh air with friends. A picnic dinner complete with blankets, wine, and cheese is the ultimate way to make it a night to remember. On top of that, picturesque views serve as a great backdrop for plenty of laughs and memorable moments. So, power down those phones and turn up the fun at your next camping bachelorette party!

4. Stargaze around the campfire - make s'mores for dessert!

Get all your gals together and find an outdoor spot to pitch your tents, then when night falls settle in around the campfire to enjoy some stargazing. This is an incredibly special way to spend time with the bride-to-be, where you can have meaningful conversations illuminated by the warmth of the fire and the beauty of a starlit sky! Plus, who could resist indulging in some classic s’mores afterwards? All in all it’s a win-win situation - memorable conversations, gorgeous nightscapes to admire and delectable treats that are sure to make everyone’s mouths water.

5. Play games like frisbee or tag until it's too dark to see

When the sun sets, why not make things more interesting by playing classic camp games like frisbee or tag? There are plenty of other camp-style activities that can be enjoyed in the fading light too; just don’t forget your flashlights! All of these activities lay the perfect foundation for a memorable bachelorette weekend.

6. Spend some time relaxing in hammocks or on swings

Whether it’s the thought of nature, heat, or just the need to get away from your husband-to-be, plan the ultimate outdoor camping bachelorette party and find solace in a hammock or two! Get your friends to join in—in spirit of course—as you trade stories around a bonfire and spend your days lounging in swings while sipping on drinks.

And what could be better than never having to leave your bed (or hammock)? So, forget about hotel rooms and fancy spa packages; it’s time for an escape only Mother Nature can provide.

7. Go fishing or kayaking for a fun, active day out

For a unique and active bachelorette party idea, what about going fishing or kayaking? If you want to make it a real adventure, then why not try both? Enjoy the morning out on the lake with some sun and fresh air, embarking on a thrilling journey full of twists and turns as you explore the riverbanks.

On your mission, you may even get lucky and be able to bring home some seemingly mythical fish stories (the kind you usually only hear in pubs). It’s sure to be an epic day that can only be made better by crafting delicious meals out of the freshest of catches afterwards – perfect for putting those artistic chef skills to the test!

8. Set up a photobooth area with props and backdrops for some silly selfies

One of the best ways to make a memorable camping bachelorette party is by setting up a photobooth area with props and backdrops. This will give everyone an opportunity to snap some silly selfies, letting their inner creative juices run wild.

Imagine all the fun you could have when you add funny glasses, mustache on a stick, masks and other props! Plus, who knows…you may even find a new profile picture – that’s if nothing embarrassing turns up!

So, what do you think? Camping is an awesome way to celebrate your friend’s last days as a single lady in style. With the right activities, like stargazing, telling stories around the campfire, and creating fun photobooths with props and backdrops, you can create an unforgettable bachelorette party she won’t soon forget! The only thing left to do is start planning. Pack up your supplies and hit the great outdoors!