Best Handmade Leather Belts

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While I have a cloth and plastic belt I wear when I was traveling, I have been thinking of getting a new leather belt for local use. Because they look nicer and last a very long time. Here are the best handmade leather belts I discovered while browsing the web.

best handmade leather belts

1.5" Wide Men's Leather Belt Native American Indian Symbol Two Tone

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This belt has a beautiful pattern to it. And has a great western feel to it. But make sure to follow the instructions on how to determine what size of belt to ask for.

best handmade leather belts

Brown Leather Belt Personalized for Men Handmade Custom Full Grain Wide Straps Best Real

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While it doesn’t have the fancy design of the first option, it has a more rustic look.

And another thing that I like about this belt is that you can use your pants size to determine what size of belt to get.

But they also allow you to get a custom size as well.

Finally, the belt also comes with a bottle of leather conditioner.

best handmade leather belts

Burgundy Brown Leather Belt Handmade Personalized for Men Full Grain Wide Straps Best Real

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This is another belt from Nations Leather, just like the option above.

Except that this one has a red color to it.

But it uses the same way to measure the length of the belt.

And both also give you an option to choose your own belt buckle style.

If you are looking for a new leather belt then I think any of these will make a good choice.