Best Baitcasting Reel For Saltwater [Review]

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Piscifun has been establishing its name in the fishing community and it has to do with an influx of specialized products. This includes the star of this review, “Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel,” which has been garnering attention recently.

Does this baitcasting reel have what it takes to win you over as a user?

To make sure you get the right answer and choose a good reel here’s more on this version by Piscifun and what it has to offer.

Key Features:

  • Top-Grade Baitcasting Reel
  • 3-Washer Baitcasting Setup with Carbon Fiber Drag
  • Side-Plate Oil Port for Easy Maintenance
  • Double Wind Shafts (0-10 Dial-in Settings)
  • Made of Japanese Hami Cut Brass


1) Carbon Fiber Build

The build is outstanding and it has to do with the carbon fiber finishing. In general, the average baitcasting reel tends to make use of flimsier parts and those can take away from one’s experience. However, with this particular solution, the carbon fiber build is noticeable and appropriately established into the reel’s design. This makes it easier to handle and maintain.

For the average fishing enthusiasts, you will enjoy being able to run your hand across the top surface due to this carbon fiber. It is able to take quite a bit of pressure without breaking down or showing signs of fatigue. Having a baitcasting reel with such an impressive exterior along with the Japanese Hami cut brass gears makes it a great “bang for your buck” deal immediately. The quality is palpable with this product from a physical perspective.

2) Easy Settings

The dial-in settings are tremendous and provide the level of flexibility modern users demand. Instead of fiddling around with a cumbersome mechanism, this keeps things as simple as they need to be when your focus should be on the fish. As you play around with the settings, it makes it easier to get the appropriate setting for what the conditions demand. Each situation is going to be unique and that’s what these dial-in settings offer in abundance.

The satisfying clicking noise as you play around with the dials is exceptional and a big reason to look at this product with a smile on your face. It has a user-friendly setup that’s impossible to ignore.

3) Exceptional Build

With the build, you have to look past the actual materials used to manufacture it. Yes, the materials are exceptional as mentioned above, but the real value is seen through how well it is able to hold up under duress. For example, in many situations the reel can start to give out as soon as a bit of pressure is applied and this gets worse with a bigger catch. As a result, you want to make sure the reel is able to hold up well in such circumstances.

In this case, the build quality does work out in your favor as it can handle conditions such as saltwater without a problem.

4) Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is not a problem with this reel as it has a well-positioned side-plate oil port. This allows users to quickly put in a bit of oil to make sure the reel is working as well as it is supposed to. Remember, there are several moving parts inside a modern reel and each one has to function smoothly for it to maximize its potential. In this scenario, the side-plate oil port is a welcomed addition and one well worth the investment. It is one of the better features of this reel and becomes mighty useful over the long haul.

5) Consistent Support and Performance

The one thing everyone requires with an investment such as this is drag support. For example, imagine being out in the water and then having a big fish snag on for the first time. With a good reel, this is going to be a smooth process and everything will be managed with the help of the moving gears. As a result, the Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel does an impressive job when put into action. It is able to deliver approximately 18 lbs of drag support out in the water while remaining sturdy.

It is smooth to operate and doesn’t start to stutter as soon as the fish is hooked. This is essential and is one of the reasons you’ll enjoy having a high-grade reel such as this in your possession.

6) Budget-Friendly

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new baitcasting reel but still desire something worthwhile?

This is a position numerous individuals (beginners and experienced enthusiasts) deal with on a regular basis. There are so many things to invest in and getting a great baitcasting reel can become a costly ordeal. To ensure that is not the case here, Piscifun has developed an affordable solution in the form of its Torrent Baitcasting Reel.

The reel is well-priced and this bodes well for those on a tighter budget. It works beautifully while remaining cost-efficient at the same time.


1) Can Require Manual Adjustments

Over time, a person may notice a moment or two where manual adjustments are necessary. This can occur when the reel doesn’t know how to respond to the pressure that’s applied to it. When this occurs, the user has to quietly play around with the settings to make sure everything is in order before fishing again. This can be a tad frustrating at first when you don’t know what type of adjustments to make. However, it is a small inconvenience that goes away over the long-term.

Final Verdict

With the Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel, you are getting a product that has been well-engineered from top to bottom. Whether it’s the Japanese Hami brass gears or the uniquely positioned side-plate oil port, everything about the product is exceptional. As long as you are ready to deal with a few minor manual adjustments on the fly, it is one of those ideal reels a person needs to have in their collection. It is easy to use, robust, and simply works well.

As a contemporary baitcasting reel, Piscifun has hit it out of the park with this innovative design!

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