6 Secret Fishing Tips and Techniques For More Fish

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Most individuals who try out fishing fall in love with it eventually. After all, you really can’t beat the experience of spending a long, lazy afternoon on the shore of a river, the ocean, or on a lake attempting to land a big one.

Unfortunately, it also can be very frustrating to spend the whole day out fishing and not catching anything or even getting a nibble at all. In this article, we will be providing fishermen with a couple of basic fishing tips and techniques to have their next fishing adventure to be a successful one.

A majority of fishermen have a couple of secret fishing techniques that they like to keep to themselves. However, there are some fishermen who understand how much of a personal endeavor fishing is and are happy to share some of their tips and secrets with other people who love to fish.

That is especially true when it comes to sharing their secrets and tips with beginners. It is easy for a beginner to become frustrated with fishing when there isn’t anyone to help them improve their skills.

Grub Bait

If you aren’t having any success with your fishing bait or lures (remember to read this guide for bait), try using a grub. It is a subtle type of lure that moves through the water slowly. Fish don’t have to swim fast to catch them. Plastic grubs can help you catch everything from river or lake fish to saltwater species.

Hit The Bottom

After casting your fishing line, carefully watch it as it goes limp and then sinks down to the bottom. After the bait had made it to the bottom of the ocean bed, river, or lake, it will be inside the strike zone. After it reaches the bottom, reel your line back in slowly as you shake your rod gently to mimic the way live bait moves.

Sharpie Pens

Take several Sharpie pens with you to help you customize your bait. You can, for example, add a red line on your bait’s gills to mimic bleeding. To mimic something that looks like a perch, paint its fins orange. A shad can be mimicked by adding a black dot right behind its eye.


If the fish have stopped biting your bait suddenly, and you know they are still in the area, downgrade your bait and make changes to your retrieval speed. Slow your presentation down and switch to a smaller worm. At times you need to slow down your presentation in order to attract larger fish.

Bait Glue

If the area you are fishing in has lots of heavy weeds or grass, dab a bit of superglue onto your hook before you slide the worm on it. That will help keep the worm in place so it isn’t lost. Professional fishermen use that fishing technique all of the time to help them win fishing tournaments.


Take your lure and make ap practice cast and then reel it in. Watch how the lure reacts as you reel it in. It should return in a straight line. So if it veers to either the left or right, you need to use a pair of pliers to fine tune the fishing rod eyelets.

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