101 Insanely Easy And Clever Camping Tips

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  1. Have fun.
  2. Headed to a campsite? Make it a point to bring plenty of fluids with you so you can stay hydrated.
  3. Consider Everyone’s skill when deciding where to go camping. You don’t want anyone to get over exhausted,
  4. Only bring the essentials. Packing everything under the sun means you will have a heavier load to carry,
  5. Buy a tent big that is big enough. Sleeping on the ground crammed up is nobody’s idea of a good time.
  6. Always have sand and water near fires. You need to have a way to out them out in case they flare up.
  7. Drink at least 16 ounces of water for eah hour you are out there if you want to avoid any issues.
  8. Do not wear layered cotton clothes while out there camping. The idea is to keep your body totally dry.
  9. Bring sunscreen. Even if it is not particularly warm, the rays from the sun can cause damage to the skin.
  10. Never leave food around. It will give black bears a reason to come and try to hang out with you for a while.
  11. Do the responsible thing and clean up after yourself when you are leaving the camping area in the morning.
  12. Fires should never be left burning when ur leaving a campsite. Extinguish it with water if need be.
  13. Bears are cute, but they are not your friends. Secure all food items so they do not get too close.
  14. Splurge for a high-quality tent. Being outdoors underneath the stars with something thin and cheap is a no-go.
  15. The way your hiking boots look is less important than the way that they feel. Comfort should be your priority.
  16. Bring a bag of marshmallows so you can build a fire, roast some and make S’mores once it is dark.
  17. Practice your spooky voice for later when you are telling stories around a campfire with your friends.
  18. Do not bring newbies on tricky trails. It will not be any fun for them and it can put a damper on things.
  19. If you are not feeling well, stay home. No one needs to be out there fighting illness in the wild.
  20. If camping is too rugged for you, then consider glamping. It takes the same idea and makes it fancy.
  21. Bring extra padding to put underneath your sleeping bag. Your body will thank you when you wake up refreshed.
  22. Buy a 2-room tent. It is always great to have a place to leave your dirty things behind before going to sleep.
  23. Never forget to bring insect repellent. Bears are not the only ones that want to eat you for lunch.
  24. Do not wear new boots when going camping. That broken in pair you have at home will be the most comfortable.
  25. Practice pitching your tent in the backyard so you know it will be simple when you reach the campsite.
  26. Prepare meals ahead of time. You don’t have to be stuck eating hot dogs and beans. Get creative with it.
  27. Bring board games so you have something to do when you’re out there enjoying the fire with your buddies.
  28. Bring along great coffee. After sleeping in the woods, bad brew should not be on the morning menu.
  29. Waterproof your tent with silicone sealant. Even if the weather is supposed to be great, be prepared.
  30. Try camping during the week. This means you will not have to share space with too many other people.
  31. Leave the campsite the way that it was when you arrived. It is all about respect and protecting the environment.
  32. Watch out for downed trees. It is important to set your tent up in a place that will be perfectly safe.
  33. Don’t make a ton of noise when you are out there camping. Respect the fact that others are nearby.
  34. Seek out campsites with tree cover. This will help if there happens to be some light rain at some point.
  35. You don’t need to buy the largest tent. This will just make it harder to set up and pull down later.
  36. Do not place a tent downward from where your campfire is. You may end up being smoked out all night.
  37. Bring along a ton of extra padding. A tent is rarely ever as comfortable as people hope they will be.
  38. Give your children their own sleeping bag. It will be more fun for them than sharing one with you.
  39. Bring along a piece of old carpet for the floor of your tent. It will help you keep dirt from going astray.
  40. If you don’t camp often, try borrowing equipment instead of buying something you will rarely use.
  41. Cotton balls that are smeared with a little petroleum jelly are great when it comes to starting a fire.
  42. Carry an updated map with you. Wasting time trying to find your way will not be the least bit fun.
  43. Bring a safety pin with you. There are so many uses for one. Even if you don’t need it now, you will.
  44. Get to your campsite early enough to set everything up. This is harder to do once you are covered in darkness.
  45. You will need a sleeping bag - no exceptions. Otherwise, you will be cold lying on a very hard surface.
  46. Bring the right amount of water. It is better to have far too much than running out far too soon.
  47. Store your gear when you are hiking. Changes in the weather can make things pretty rough - be proactive.
  48. Place fires at least 10-12 feet from your tent. Wind blowing a certain way means it may singe your shelter.
  49. Mark the areas where you dig a hole for bodily waste. Digging aimlessly can lead to terrible surprises.
  50. Never buy a really cheap tent. It will not last long and is not likely to protect you from the element.
  51. Camping is not an excuse to eat terribly. Bring along healthy snacks like trail mix and dried fruit.
  52. A yoga mat can be a lifesaver if you aren’t able to buy a sleeping pad before you head on your trip.
  53. A flashlight is essential. Don’t try relying on the one included on your phone. It could malfunction at any time.
  54. Gather all of the firewood you believe you need, then triple that amount. It helps to prepare well.
  55. Never pitch your tent where there is a depression in the land. You may end up beneath some water.
  56. All your wood needs to be stored in a dry place since wetness will prevent it from burning as it should.
  57. Bring wet wipes with you. There may be messes sporadically and water may not be easily accessible.
  58. Do not forget to bring salt. Campfire food may not be gourmet, but making it taste good is important.
  59. Bring dish soap along. It is not always easy to remove food residue in preparation for the next meal.
  60. Do not waste money on overpriced camping gear. The moderately priced options will work exactly the same.
  61. Waterproof shoes are a must. Wet feet will be uncomfortable and cold. In addition, it is a health risk.
  62. Test all equipment before taking it with you. Mishaps can ruin the entire vibe of the trip, so be proactive.
  63. Store toiletries in the same place where you place your food. Some of the ingredients attract wildlife.
  64. If you must set up in the evening, use a headlamp. This will brighten up the area in a hands-off way.
  65. Weather is pretty finicky. Try to bring items that will keep you prepared regardless of the conditions.
  66. Bring a first aid kit. Even if you are a seasoned camper, there is no reason to head out there unprepared.
  67. Extra food is a must. Bringing along the exact amount needed that means being unprepared if something goes wrong.
  68. Don’t feed any wild animals. This will only give them a craving for human food and they may aggravate other campers.
  69. Call the campsite ahead of time in order to make a reservation. While this is the great outdoors, order is essential.
  70. Take a day trip if you are not keen on spending some time beneath the stars amongst wild animals.
  71. Bring an extra pair of shoelaces. If the ones you have break, they will save you from a disaster.
  72. Camp close to home if you are an amateur. This will make it easier to get home if you decide to leave early.
  73. If you are not sure you can start a fire easily, there are starter sticks available wherever charcoal is sold.
  74. Bring water enhancers with you. This will help you stay fully hydrated for the duration of the trip.
  75. Pack ahead of time. This will eliminate the stress of forgetting something when doing it at the last minute.
  76. Do not allow a lack of funds stop you from going camping. You can have fun while maintaining a budget.
  77. If you are backpacking. keep it light. A heavy bag can ruin make things rougher than it has to be,
  78. Bring fire resistant gloves with you camping so you will not get burned when moving pots and pans.
  79. Place smooth rocks around the fire pits to absorb heat and keep you warm when you are sitting around.
  80. Try to make one pot meals all of the time. This will save you a bunch of time since less dishes will be used.
  81. Prep all of your food ahead of time so you aren’t forced to chop and dice when it is dark outside.
  82. Set up your tent before dark. It is safer than waiting until after dark and trying to figure things out.
  83. Do not bring your pet without calling ahead to see if they are allowed. Some campsites are not pet friendly.
  84. Bring a few rolls of toilet paper. Poison oak is certainly not something you want to use as an alternative.
  85. Always pack warm clothes; even if it’s mild when you get started. Temps may drop after the sun goes down.
  86. Avoid cotton.It will make you sweat too much and the wetness will be chilly once the weather cools off.
  87. Let those at home know where you are going so they know where to look if they d;on’t hear from you.
  88. Never leave your food around. It will attract critters and leave you hungry with a less on your hands.
  89. Always set up your things on higher ground. Low areas will be flooded if it starts to rain unexpectedly.
  90. Buy a sleeping pad to make things more comfortable once your are ready to sleep. It will make your body smile.
  91. Wear socks while you are hiking. This will provide extra padding and protect your feet from bug bites.
  92. Bring more than one pair of shoes when camping. This will prepare you for different weather conditions.
  93. Practice and prepare before your trip. Do it so many times that it starts to feel like second nature.
  94. Don’t wear any expensive, fancy clothes. You are guaranteed to get dirty and they may get ruined.
  95. Camping in areas with bears means you have to take extra precautions. Do some research on how to handle it.
  96. Do not bring so many different items that you become overwhelmed. Packing light is a good of thumb.
  97. Get an early start. This will give you plenty of time to hike, pitch a tent and make dinner before it is too late.
  98. Write a checklist and cross off everything as you pack. You won’t forget anything if you follow this advice.
  99. Bring dry logs with you. They will be helpful in the event wet kindling is all you can find later.
  100. Do not touch any plants you are not familiar with. Poisonous plants are rampant and you don’t want any problems.
  101. Don’t keep toiletries in the tent. It is possible that some products will attract some unwanted attention.

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