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If you are going to go tent camping then obviously you need to buy a tent.

The purpose of a tent is to keep you dry when it rains and to keep the bugs away.

A tent is not designed to keep you warm by itself nor will it offer any protection from a hungry bear if you leave food in your tent.

Always go one person larger in tent capacity than who will be camping with you. For example, if it’s you and your wife going camping then take at least a 3 person tent.

And if you’re older or have young kids that you need to help get dressed, consider a tall cabin tent. This will provide more headroom to make it easier to get dressed.

If it’s your first tent camping experience and you’re not ready to spend a lot of money, you can find new tents for very cheap.

This is why I bought the 2-person dome tent by Wakeman Outdoors. It was very affordable, simple to set up and is good enough tent to test out to see how much tent camping I want to do in my late 40s.

When you buy your tent, don’t forget to also get a tarp. This will be used as a footprint for your tent if the tent does not come with one.

The footprint or tarp protects the bottom of the tent from moisture and from being ripped by rocks and twigs.