Sleeping Bags

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If you are going to be camping then you will want a sleeping bag.

And we have a complete guide on how to choose a sleeping bag which you can read here.

I am a car camper and a large guy. On paper, I am the size and weight of the average NFL linebacker. Though I do not resemble one in the mirror. They have 6-packs. I have a keg.

Thus, I went with the Tough Outdoors All Season XL Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults as my bag. And I have paired it with the ECOTEK Outdoors inflatable sleeping pad.

Remember, how warm you will be in your tent will be as a result of your complete sleeping system. This includes your sleeping bag, your sleeping pad, and your clothes. With the sleeping bag and the sleeping pad making the biggest difference.

A sleeping pad is also going to provide you with more comfort.