Camping Checklist

One time when my mother was growing up they went on a family camping trip. They were driving from western Ohio into Michigan.

One hour into the trip, her father realized that he had left the tent stakes at home. This was before camping supplies were at every Walmart. So he had to go back home to get the stakes. They were towing their boat, and her father didn’t want to drive the boat all the way back.

Her father pulled into a department store’s parking lot, unhooked the boat, left my mom and her mom (my grandmother) with the boat, and raced home for the tent stakes.

Having a comprehensive camping checklist is essential for making sure you have all the necessary gear and supplies for your outdoor adventure.

A good checklist will not only ensure that you have all the essentials but also provide a way to double-check everything before you leave and make sure nothing has been forgotten. From tents and sleeping bags to food and first aid kits, having a detailed list of supplies can help make your camping trip stress-free and successful.

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks -use a camping checklist to make sure you’re ready for your next great outdoors experience.

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