What Kind Of Camper Are You Quiz

I spend 30 nights outdoors over the year. And I have discovered there are three types of campers.

The Outdoor Survivalist

These are people who enjoy the adventure of roughing it in the outdoors. You might also know them as bushcrafters. They talk about people like Dave Canterbury, Corporal’s Corner and Coalcracker Bushcraft. They will sleep on the ground with nothing more than just a tarp and a pile of leaves. Instead of bringing a chair with them, they carve one out of a tree stump with their knife. If you want to learn more about outdoor survival click here.

The Car Camper

The complete opposite of the Outdoor Survivalist. They enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to give up all of the comforts of modern life. They camp in large tents with air mattresses. Often go to state and national parks with restrooms and showers. They enjoy grilling food on their gas stoves. If you want to learn more about car camping click here.

The Backpacker

You have an opinion on how large a toothbrush should be because you know the difference 2 ounces when hiking up a mountain. Your idea of a gourmet meal is if you use the seasoning packet with your instant ramen. Your gear costs more than your bedroom at home because while the hike can be painful carrying all of this weight, you get to see sights nobody else gets to see at the end of the journey. If you want to learn more about backpacking click here.

What Kind Of Camper Are You?

Outdoor Survival

Car Camping