What Is Yurt Camping?

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Yurts are a type of large tent. They come from Mongolia and have been used by humans for hundreds of years. They are too large for traditional camping, but they’re optimal for glamping setups. You can reserve a very basic yurt or one that has more amenities than your own house. Read the rest of this article to find out more.

Camping is a popular activity.

However, there is no definition of what camping is.

If you get 10 people together and ask them what camping is you will get 10 different definitions.

For many people, they believe it involves taking a tent, a sleeping bag and going out to a campground. It will involve campfires, hiking and sleeping on the ground.

Then there are people who only camp in an RV. An RV means any vehicle that has some home amenities included with it. These amenities could be as simple as a bedroom. Though many also include a kitchen and bathroom. A trailer is towed, and a motorhome is self-propelled.

And there are the survivalist types who head out with nothing more than a tarp, a pack, and a knife. And take amazing Instagram photos.

But there is another option called glamping.

Glamping combines the words “glamour” and “camping.”

In the past 15 years, glamping has become popular. And the yurt is the unofficial tent of glamping.

The yurt is perfect for building a glamping campsite.

Yurt Essentials

Yurts are similar to teepees. Nomadic people perfected them for living. They are large and stable once constructed. But are not expensive to make. And can be moved.

But they are not ideal for your family camping trip because they are large. And can take several hours to setup. And to take down.

Meanwhile, your average family tent can be set up and taken down in a few minutes.

More importantly, yurts take up a lot of storage space. Which is why if you really wanted a large family tent, you’re better off looking at a cabin tent.

However, if you want to give glamping a try then a place with a yurt is a good start.

As with any glamping trip, you need to decide how “glamorous” do you want the yurt to be.

There are yurts that are very spare. All they have is a tent, a bed, and a place to store clothes.

And then there are resorts where you are going to sleep on a nice bed. A bathroom with a spa-like bathtub. A complete HVAC system. And if you never want to see the outdoors, you don’t have to venture outside. You can just watch nature documentaries on the big-screen television.

Things To Take To A Yurt

What you need to take to a yurt on a camping trip depends upon what type of camping trip you want to take.

If it’s a sparse yurt, then you need to pack as if you are going on a traditional camping trip. Except you most likely won’t need to bring a sleeping bag.

But you might still need to bring your backpack, cooking kit, and hiking gear.

On the other hand, if you are going to a glamping resort, you will pack like a vacation at a resort hotel.

This is one of the reasons why glamping is so popular. It allows more people to enjoy the outdoors without having to become survival experts. Or learn how to become comfortable with pooping in a hole in the ground.

Yurt With Electricity

If you are going to camp with a yurt, you need to know up front if it will have electricity or not.

I remember when having electricity at a campsite was rare. But it is much more common now. In particular, in public campgrounds.

This is because even if you are not at a glamping resort, there is a demand for more electricity.

You might need to charge up your family’s electronic gadgets. Or to run the air compressor to inflate the air mattress. And of course to run the beer fridge.

The same is true for sleeping in a yurt.

If the yurt was built in the backcountry as an alternative to a log cabin then it may not have any electricity. It could be completely off the grid.

And thus, if you have a need for power while on the trip, then you will need to bring your own. This could be in the form of batteries, solar-chargers, or your own gasoline-powered generator.

But even if the yurt is off the main grid, I would expect that in the 2020s most yurts to have some type of generator. This might be a gasoline generator. Or solar power.

This is because of the yurt market. Most people who are looking to stay in a yurt, are not ready to give up everything.

They want to be able to keep their phone charged so they can take photos and post it on social media.

After all, if you are enjoying a peaceful vacation and cannot share every moment with your friends by taking a selfie with the dog-face filter on it - did the vacation even happen?

Meanwhile, if you are at a glamping resort, then the yurt most likely will have full power. It might even have wall sockets. As we have said, there are some yurts that are nicer than your house.

Camping continues to be popular. In particular, now that as a society we are more interested in doing things instead of buying things. Personally, I don’t think that’s because we’ve evolved our desire to buy stuff.

It’s just that we don’t have as much cheap stuff to buy anymore. Your phone can take photos. Watch TV. Play music and video-games. Prior to the phone, you would need a camera. And television. And a stereo. And a video-game console.

Regardless, of the reason, the fact remains, people are camping more. Whether that is camping in a tarp under a rock in the Rockies or in a 5-star resort where every whim is taken care of, it doesn’t matter.

And yurts are one of the reasons why more people can enjoy the great outdoors.

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