Hand Forged Bowie Knife

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I was reminiscing about the Alamo story and came across this hand-forged Bowie knife.

Hand Forged Bowie Knife

Hand-Forged Bowie Knife

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Bowie knives get their name from Texas hero and outdoorsman, Jim Bowie.

He was known for being a tough SOB who fought primarily with knives. This was because in the early 1800s, guns were not as reliable as they would become after the US Civil War.

And the Bowie knife style came into popularity after Jim Bowie won a famous fight called the “Sandbar Fight” in Mississippi. After this fight, men everywhere were demanding their local blacksmith create them their own “Bowie knife”.

Now you too can own a piece of history.

This knife is great gift for people who collect knives. Or who enjoy the history of the frontier.

It’s also going to be popular with campers, hunters and fisherman.

While this knife is not made in America (note, the shipping times if you are buying this for a gift), it is made by hand by a blacksmith. Who has over 50 years of experience.

And the beautiful handle is made from authentic bull-horn.

While, this wouldn’t be my everyday carry or even my go-to knife for a camping trip (it’s too large and rarely do we need a blade this big), it is something I would be proud to have in my collection.

Disclaimer: Please only purchase where it’s legal to do so and only use for legal purpose.

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