5 Foolproof Expert Tips For Choosing The Best Bait To Fish With

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Fishing is an exciting experience that most of us engage in for fun and to get some nice catch for our dinner or lunch. Catching fish is not as straightforward as it appears and you need to consider several factors before doing it if you want to be successful. Amongst all the things you need to look at, there is no doubt that your choice of bait is an outstanding one regardless of the kind of fish you want to catch. The bait is responsible for luring the fish towards the hook and if it cannot do this well enough, you will not catch anything.

It helps to note that not all bait will catch every type of fish and it is vital to understand the best bait for a specific kind of fish. This article will look at some critical things to look at when selecting the best fishing bait. Read on;


Fish are attracted to color and although this might surprise you, ensure that you get your coloring options right. This is particularly applicable to some fish that you will never catch with the regular dull colored lures. When buying them, you will come across a wide variety of color combinations and experience indicates that some colors are more effective than others. The rule of thumb when picking colored lures is to use brightly colored lures in muddy waters and light colors in clear water. This is because, in the murky waters, it is easier for the fish to spot a bright shine as opposed to a dull one. On the other side, clear waters allow fish to get a clear look at the bait and it is advisable to go with natural and soft colors. Greenish hue has been touted as the best color for most fish and if you are finding it hard to get your colors right, start from there.

Target Species

Before picking bait, it helps to understand the kind of fish species you are eyeing. Most of the lures being sold will come with information regarding the best fish species that can be caught using them thus this should not be a big problem. Do some homework and find out the most common species in the lake, river or sea you want to go fishing on. This way, you will adjust and pick your lure accordingly. However, some water bodies contain an assortment of fish species and you should freely change your bait if the one you are using is not working out well. The general rule of thumb about fish baits is to use one that mimics the prey of the fish you want to catch. If you manage to get this spot on, catching fish should not be a big problem for you.


Water temperature is an essential factor when picking your lure. You could catch fish in cold waters using moving baits such as a spinnerbait, but this slows you down significantly. You need to understand the best lure options for warm and cold water. Match your bait selection to the water temperatures in that slow-moving baits should be used for cold water. On the other hand, match the fast-moving baits with hot water. This is just a general rule to apply if you are wondering how to go about the temperature factor but there are exceptions to it. However, doing this will work most of the time.

Supporting Actions

This is where you supplement your choice of bait and your actions could make this choice irrelevant if you do not get them right. Simply picking the right bait and immersing it in water will not catch you fish. Try and adjust your actions based on the nature of the water body you are fishing in. This is because the stated rules of thumbs might not be absolute and you will find that fish in warm water might still want a fast-moving bait. Getting the fish, you want is about making the right educated decisions for you to increase the probability of succeeding in your venture. Do not stick to the same lure the entire time as experimenting with different ones can help you to point a better one. When you catch fish, be patient and pull the fishing line gently since you could do it roughly and allow the fish to get unhooked and fall back into the water.

Artificial vs. Natural Bait

This is a big decision that you will have to make especially with the increased popularity of artificial baits in recent years. Natural bait entails anything that fish feed on such as works, leeches or grasshoppers among others. Artificial bait can be bought in stores that sell fishing equipment and they offer you the advantage of being able to mimic specific unique natural bait. This way, it becomes easier to catch fish as opposed to using natural ones where you are limited to what you pick as bait since you can never always get the ones you want. Always look out for the regulations in your area to make sure that the bait you select is legal in the area. Using live bait is somehow tricky since you will have to keep it alive until you use it and place it gently to make sure that it sticks on the hook.

Both the baits and lures have their advantages and disadvantages and it helps to understand them beforehand. Natural baits are better for muddy waters and if you need to catch the fish for consumption purposes. You can find your own and do not have to spend on them and leftovers can always be returned to their natural habitat. However, catching them can be challenging and using them can result in deeply hooked fish that cannot be returned with high chances of survival.

Some of the crucial things to look at when picking the right bait for your fishing escapades have been pointed out. These tips are not always definite as you cannot accurately understand the type of fish in the area you cast them. However, they increase your chances of catching the fish you want and if you have any problem catching one, juggle around to find the best bait for the day.

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