5 Essential Benefits Of Tactical Flashlights

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Self-respecting campers will always make sure to have tactical flashlights on hand in case of a crisis. It is among the most valuable pieces of equipment you can possibly own. You should, in fact, make sure to have several on hand.

If possible you should have one inside of your bug out bag and one in your house, along with one for each family member. In this article, we will be looking at why tactical flashlights are so beneficial to have.

1. Portable and sturdy

Tactical flashlights, unlike conventional flashlights, are made out of a lot stronger material and are much more durable and rugged. Also called a military flashlight, they are able to take plenty of damage and still continue to work.

Depending on which flashlight you purchase, it may also be waterproof. Tactical flashlights, due to their construction, are more suited compared to normal flashlights during a survival situation.

Another benefit to tactical flashlights, it is a lot smaller compared to other kinds of flashlights. This makes it very portable and useful in certain situations like when it is needed for self-defense purposes and that brings to our next point.

2. Self-defense

All around the world, there are numerous self-defense courses that teach individuals how to use their tactical flashlight as a means of self-defense. Since the flashlight is made from weapon-grade aluminum and armor coated, it is very useful for self-defense purposes.

A woman who is by herself at night can light up dark corridors or corners to see if anybody is hiding in there. That can help her to be better prepared for any unwelcome surprises.

You can also use them in close quarter combat circumstances. Of course, you will have to have the right knowledge of how to defend yourself using a weapon.

Martial arts training such as Kali or Eskrima can teach you how to use a knife to fight with. These same principles apply, however, instead you will use a tactical flashlight.

Many of those flashlights come with a serrated or toothed bezel on the end. They may be used to strike your opponent. You can also use this method for emitting the flashlight’s strong light to blind your opponent temporarily as you are making a run to escape or kicking your attacker in the groin.

In countries that have strict laws where carrying a weapon for self-defense purposes is not allowed, you still can have a tactical flashlight with you. You can even take it with you on a plane.

3. Very bright

The light that a tactical flashlight emits is a lot brighter compared to a regular flashlight. That makes them a lot more useful whenever lights go out in survival situations. Strong light emitted from a tactical flashlight will allow you to see a lot more clearly.

The tactical flashlight that you should purchase ideally should be 12 lumens at least. That is the bare minimum and also in defense situations, the level of brightness is needed to blind your attacker temporarily.

High-quality tactical flashlights go up to a maximum 1,000 lumens. So just imagine how powerful these lights can be.

4. Useful to break glass windows with

Tactical flashlights also offer another benefit that a majority of individuals are unaware of is they may be sued for smashing windshields, car windows, etc. So if you ever are in a situation where your car veers off the road and winds up in a lake and you are trapped inside, and you are not able to roll the windows down due to water pressure.

A tactical flashlight has a bezel on the end that can smash through a window and then you can swim through it to get to safety. That is only one hypothetical scenario where having a tactical flashlight can be invaluable to you.

5. Versatility

Tactical flashlights are quite versatile and may be used in various situations. Are you going to go camping? It is well-suited for that. If you are going out at night to the mall and need to have a means of self-defense. It works well for that also.

Do you need to have strobe lights for signaling for help if you end up stranded in a flood or snowstorm? A tactical flashlight can provide you with the attention that you need.

Are you faced with a wild animal that may attack you? A tactical flashlight’s blinding luminosity will make the animal disoriented and it will run off while you get away to safety.

The 5 points above are only the tip of the iceberg. Tactical flashlights can be used for many different purposes and you only will know just how useful they are once you have one.

After you have encountered a number of situations that your tactical flashlight can be used in, you won’t ever leave home again without it - from searching underneath your couch to look for your keys to using it whenever you are outside at night, your new best friend will be your tactical flashlight. You will see what we are talking about after you get one.

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