Things To Do When Camping With Family In 2020

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Camping is a great way to spend time with your family. And according to Family Focus Blog spending time with family improves everything from family bonding to reducing drug abuse and behavioral problems.

Camping is also a great way to learn new skills and improve self-confidence.

But you have to compete with the smartphone in their pocket.

Check out these new ideas for activities to turn an ordinary camping trip into a memorable adventure.

1. A Scavenger Hunt

There’s 3 ways to do this.

If you have cell service you could text them their clues. You could add more excitement by sending the clues as a code message that they have to decipher first.

You could ask them to take photos of the things they find. This way you can leave Mother Nature alone while doing your scavenging.

And for the older kids you could do geocaching. This is where you give clues via GPS coordinates.

As a bonus make the final item to be found be something needed for the next activity.

2. Build A Fire

Every kid likes to do activities that involve a little danger and a campfire provides just the right element of risk. Teach them the right way to build a fire and of course, all the safety elements that they need to be aware of. Let them help you cook a meal over the open fire and finish it off with some toasted marshmallows or s’mores.

Remember that fires have the greatest effect in the dark so plan the activity for an evening meal. Telling stories and singing songs around the campfire is just about as traditional as you can get but still rates highly as a favorite camping activity.

3. Go Fishing

There is no greater bonding experience between a parent and child than going fishing. So invest in some fishing tackle for you and your kids and spend the day teaching them how the equipment works and get a line in the water. Don’t forget to include some of the latest gadgets to keep the fishing expedition interesting. If you are lucky enough to catch a fish, the catch and release method may be a good idea for kids who are little more sensitive.

4. Mini Rock Climbs

This doesn’t mean scaling cliffs with expensive and complicated mountaineering gear. Just a small rock face that is suitable for free-climbing is ideal. Remember to select age appropriate climbs - the smaller the child, the smaller the climb - and provide supervision and a helping hand where necessary. And don’t get to stressed out over a couple of grazes and bruises. While learning to climb provides important skills like strategic planning and is a great physical activity, there are going to be a couple of falls along the way.

5. Stargazing

Urban living obscures the beautiful night sky and being out in the country provides your family with the ideal opportunity to do some stargazing. See how many star symbols you can identify and of course look out for a shooting star to wish on. If you or one of your kids are really into the stars, invest in a mini telescope to give you an even better view of what lies far beyond.

6. Nature Hikes

What would a camping trip be without a walk in the woods. Take along a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass and see how many different birds, insects and plant species you and your family can identify on the walk. Remember to take plenty of water and snacks to stay hydrated and keep those energy levels high. Be aware of any dangerous animals in the area before setting off and take appropriate precautions. There’s nothing like a little exploration to kill boredom.

7. The To Find List

Make up a list of items in nature for your kids to find and tick off. Give them a score for each item that is ticked off and some bonus points for special finds. Give them a camera or phone so that they can capture images as proof of their finds. This will make it a little more fun for them as well as give them the opportunity to share their finds with you. Don’t let your kids wander to far off in their search of items and keep a close check on where they are and what they are doing at all times.

8. Charades

This is another camping favorite that seems to stand the test of time. Write down names of people, movies, songs or other items on pieces of scrap paper. Each person gets a turn to select a paper and then act out what is written on it without using any words for the others to guess.

9. Games, Games And More Games

Pack a deck of cards and some board games. You never know when the weather may prevent outdoor play and these games will come in very handy. Also pack a ball and some other outdoor game kits that will give you all something to do while providing a great form of exercise.

10. Flashlight Tag

A flashlight is all that is needed to play this fun version of tag (plus some extra batteries). One person holds the flashlight and tries to seek out those that are hiding with the light. Once the light hits you, you’re tagged. A simple game with just the right element of fear factor, fun and loads of laughter.

And when things really start to go south? Make sure that you have packed all those electronic mobile devices, spare batteries and charging blocks. If you are in an area that has mobile network coverage, you can let your kids play their usual games or watch a movie. If you are going to be out of reach of a signal, then make sure that you have downloaded movies and games that can be watched and played offline.

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